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Easter eggs

We colored eggs this afternoon (well, most of us: Wesley boycotted the whole process).

Mary was pretty serious about drawing on the eggs.

“Vibrant” colors indeed.

Conor demonstrated some egg-dyeing tips.

Mary’s favorite egg:

Waiting for eggs: BORING.

Please ignore his grubby little fingernails.

Happy Mary (egg-coloring is exactly her sort of activity).


strawberry picking!

On Saturday, we took the kids to a local farm to pick strawberries.

Conor showed Mary how to find ones that were red all the way to the end.

She was delighted to find them.

I think Wesley was irritated when I asked him to stop and let me take a photo.

…because then he wandered off.

She found one!


Taking a rest after we finished up:

Showing off their beautiful berries:

The farm also had a sand pile with lots of toys!

When we got home, I made a rhubarb-strawberry custard pie–the kids approved.

And then a batch of jam–six half-pints plus a bit left over is just about enough to get us through the winter (or perhaps I should say, to get Mary through occasional PB&J phases for her school lunches):

parenting quote of the day

Conor: “I feel like parenting would be easier if our kids were either less cute or less annoying.”

overheard the other night

Our bedtime routine is as follows:

* kids and Conor go up to the guest room and read a chapter of the book they’re doing (right now it’s “Winnie the Pooh”), while I either join them or tend to a few housework things;

* I change diapers while Conor brushes their teeth;

* we read the last story (stories?).

The other night, for some reason, instead of reading their book, the kids made Conor draw pictures for them. When I came in, Wesley was begging Conor to draw a submarine.

Wesley: Sub-mean, Daddy! Another sub-mean!

(Conor begins to draw)

Wesley: Is it…is Mama? Is…..sub-mean? Is….tanker truck? Is octopus? Yeah, is octopus!

(It was actually John Lennon looking through the porthole of the Yellow Submarine.)

Conor: I already drew you a submarine! And a dog, and a cat, and a horse, and two cars, and a tractor, and John Lennon. What more do you want?

Wesley: Sub-mean! Another sub-mean!

how Conor has formed Mary in his own image

Wesley: I’m hungry!

Mary: Hi, Hungry! I’m Mary!

My new favorite picture

This was from the first night we went to the ocean–the first time Mary saw the ocean close-up.

Fort Jefferson pics!

So I still haven’t uploaded all of these photos (takes forever, you see, because we are too cheap for fast DSL). But I’m working on it! Anyway, here are a few pics from the foray out to Fort Jefferson.

We assembled in the morning on the pier to join our rental boat. Mary was fascinated.

We waited for the boat, wearing yellow shirts.

Our boat!

Mary wanted her sunscreen taken off (well, after we managed to get it on her in the first place) and had a tantrum. She stomped around the deck, shouting. Luckily it eventually blew over and she was a delight for the rest of the day. I think it was just that it was so very early.

Wesley, on the other hand, cut right to the chase.

Grandma and aunt Kelly inspected the plaque.

It was a hot day to be wearing a baby–but Conor and I each had a sweat factory in a baby carrier. Here’s Conor and Mary:

Outside the fort, the day was sunny and beautiful:

More to come. I have some great pics of the fort itself and I haven’t even uploaded the ones Conor took with our smaller camera.