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back to normal

…or as normal as it gets here. David, Nina, and the kids departed on Wednesday; Mary and Wesley are slowly coming back to their ordinary routine.

We had a lot of fun during this visit.

A little family history:

They ate all of the tomatoes in the “free produce” pile.



They played.



Then we took a little walk. Don’t they look pastoral?

Then we went out and ate crabs! The visiting contingent assured us that they didn’t mind eating them two days in a row.

The next day, we had a crab feast at our house!

Jack pulled Mary around in the wagon until she looked like this:


Wesley had a joyous afternoon with the John Deere ATV.

Mary imitated a garden fairy.

Molly swung.

On the last day, we went to see the airplanes:

Wesley was floored.


Doesn’t Mary look old these days?

We also had a lovely day at the beach, but there are no pics because I couldn’t figure out how to take a camera and not ruin it. It was great, though. We got there in the early afternoon, swam and played, went to lunch when a thunderstorm blew up, and then went back after the storm to swim and play some more. The kids loved it. Mary was fearless and learned how to jump when a wave came in, and even Wesley got brave enough to let us carry him out to get his feet wet and to play in the little pool that Jack dug near the shore.

It was a really nice visit. I can’t believe how big my niece and nephews are! We miss them.


some belated Labor Day pics

I have really done a poor job of getting stuff posted! Here are a ouple of pictures from Labor Day–Sean and Ginger brought over Mackenzie, who is a couple of weeks younger than Wesley, for lunch and novel toys. We ate Pioneer Woman’s Asian noodle salad (which is absolutely fantastic, by the way) and peach crisp and tamale pie. All were happy.

Ginger and Mackenzie (who Mary calls “baby Kenzie”):

Wesley had a great fear that Mackenzie might come steal his watermelon and tried to protect it at all costs:

Smiley Mackenzie:

Mary thought Mackenzie was pretty funny.

Eventually Mackenzie got tired, so Sean and Ginger took her home. Conor and Wesley played some guitar on the porch:
CW guitar

while Mary danced:



recent kid pics!

I took the kids over to the Mudd House last Saturday while Conor was working, and let them run around outside. Mary ran off with my hat. Wesley crawled around under the big shade tree.

From mid July 2009
From mid July 2009
From mid July 2009
From mid July 2009
From mid July 2009
From mid July 2009
From mid July 2009
From mid July 2009

Mary is a tree hugger.

From mid July 2009

The hat, for some reason, was much sought after.

From mid July 2009

Then, on Tuesday, Conor and I went out on an actual date–to see “King Lear.” We knew it was going to be a good night when we saw this:

From mid July 2009

and later, when we saw this:

From mid July 2009

[It’s sangria, in case you want to know, and it was delicious.]