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dissertation breakthrough

I totally just figured out the major link that I need for my dissertation–the thing that will make it all fall together.

I’m thrilled about this.

But the idea makes me tired. It involves rereading the books, revising the chapters in depth, and rethinking my opinion of all of the other books that I reference briefly.

At least I have it, though, and I think the last chapter–which has been kicking my ass–will be easier now.



Mary and I have been watching “Laura” (which is one of my favorite movies. I’m knitting–finishing her longies, which are almost done now–and she’s wandering around wreaking various types of havoc on the living room. It cracks me up, though, watching her watching a movie. She thinks it’s very interesting. She laughs in the funniest places–the police detective says, “You’re not safe. Don’t move outside this apartment.” And then the heroine says, “If you think I’m really in danger–” and then Mary cracks up like it’s the funniest thing she’s ever heard.

She is a very standing-up baby these days–she pulls up on everything. It makes her look very grown up.


I just bought this:

So that I can make these:

I am oh so very excited.

I need to get out more.


The label on Fels-Naptha laundry soap has a list of ingredients:
“Cleaners, soil and stain removers, colorants, and fragrance.”

Great, thanks. Very helpful.


While Conor and Mary were playing on the floor and Conor was brandishing a puzzle piece with Elmo’s head on it, left here by a cousin:

“Hi, Mary! How are you? I’m the happy beheaded Elmo!”


“I’m so happy and beheaded! Where’s the rest of my body? What is this, 18th-century France?”

Mary squeaks. With joy. Clearly she’s destined to be warped.

things I don’t like and do like

I dislike:
* Cleaning the floor. With any implement.
* Making bureaucratic phone calls.
* Finding a baby bottle filled with a cottage-cheese-like substance under the sofa.
* Putting away the plastic storage containers that I leave in the drainboard to dry.
* Listening to parents yelling at their kids in public.
* Movie musicals, other than “1776.”
* Folding clean clothes.
* Getting up early.
* Shelving books.
* Calculating end-of-semester grades.

Take note, husband and any possible houseguests–extra bonus points whenever you prevent me having to do any of the above. (Conor has earned about 1, 117 bonus points already for shelving books. These can be redeemed for gift wrapping at any time.)

I like:
* Wrapping presents.
* Folding clean diapers. (No, it is NOT the same as clean clothes.)
* Weeding.
* Drinking tea.
* Knitting. Or sewing.
* Taking pictures.
* Writing syllabi.
* Reading books. (You see why I need to be married to a book-shelver.)
* Giving Mary baths.
* Cooking risotto.

If your e-mail address were….

…….lick_my_mojo @ something dot com, would you give it to your teacher? Wouldn’t you set up a separate gmail account or something? Honestly.

So I’m back to teaching–two weeks down. My students are great, which is a nice thing. I’m teaching English 101 this summer, so it’s nothing particularly exciting content-wise, but it’s a fun class. I have a number of very chatty and participatory students, and no sleepers (I hate sleepers). It’s a 3.5 hour class two nights a week and I always come home exhausted. That’s a long class. It’s a long time to be in charge and talking, so I’m doing a lot more group work than usual. I hate group work myself so I don’t usually do much of it, but in a class this long I sort of have to.

I’m half done with my next knitting project; are you curious?