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Wesley’s grocery shopping outfit

Mary wanted to wear her Halloween costume to the grocery store–I didn’t mind. But eventually she wanted to ride in the cart and had to take off her wings, and Wesley wanted to wear them.  So hilarious! So when we got home I took a few pictures.

He is tough! Despite the wings!

Possibly he is a woodland fairy?

Conor calls this one, “And the angels will weep for you.”  [He’s mad because the cherries are all gone.]

Wesley exploring


photobooth fun

Conor’s computer has PhotoBooth (a Mac app for the built-in camera) that the kids love. Here are a few pics we took using PhotoBooth this week:

Wesley doesn’t understand where the camera is.

Mary is a little manic.

Pop art kids!

Mary told me to “Smile, Mama!”

reading about Harold…

So, the latest bedtime story fad at our house is “Harold and the Purple Crayon.” Conor reads it. [Some bedtime stories–chiefly Dr. Seuss–are Mama stories, others are Daddy stories.]

Tonight, he was reading and Mary was helping him. The following conversation ensued:

Conor: …and the thought of picnics made him hungry. So he laid out a nice simple picnic lunch. There was nothing but pie. But there were all nine kinds of pie that Harold liked best.

Wesley: Pie!

Mary: Pies! I like cherry pies.

Conor: They are delicious, aren’t they? Let’s see…nine kinds of pie: cherry, rhubarb, chocolate, peach, [I contributed “apple”], blueberry, pecan, blackberry, strawberry!

Conor: When Harold finished his picnic there was quite a lot left. He hated to see so much delicious pie go to waste.

Wesley: pies! PIES!

Conor: …So Harold left a very hungry…

Mary: Moose!

Conor: ….and a deserving…

Mary: Moose! I mean porcupine!

Wesley: PIE!

Conor: And, off he went, looking for a hill to climb, to see where he was.

Wesley [singing]: Pie, pie, pie…pie, pie, pie….


That boy has a pie fixation.

trip chronicle, part 3

We visited aunt Bev. She let the kids have graham crackers.

After they ate six pounds of graham crackers each, we decided to take them to lunch.

Aunt Bev, who is universally beloved by children, bought them ice cream.

Mary couldn’t remove her spoon for the photo.

Wesley, bird-like, opened his maw to be fed.

After lunch, we went to the playground. It held off raining just long enough for me to push both kids in the swing for a while and for Wesley to examine–and reject–the idea of climbing.

trip chronicle: part 2

We spent some time just hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

Mary learned to play Go Fish.

Wesley bellied up to the bar–I mean, the piano stool.

Wesley put on his hat.

Mary evaded the camera.

They went for a ride on Turbo:

Still more to come!

Here’s why I like to sew:

Because Mary, who looks adorable in her new skirt, tells everyone, “My mama made this for me!” She then does a little demonstration twirl and then adds, “Because she loves me.”

This is a plain-Jane Redondo skirt, made from fleece; it sounded boring when I started it but it turns out that it’s my favorite of the three Redondos I’ve made for her. I like the solid color, and the heavier fleece fabric gives it better drape than the cottons I used for the others. Lots of twirl capability in this one! And it took about 20 minutes to make, since I didn’t hem the bottom edge. I like that raw look in something that doesn’t ravel.

Link to the pattern (though I got it cheaper–through Sewzanne’s, if memory serves…or maybe Fabric Fairy?)

Modification: Instead of using the waistband piece and elastic, I just made a fleece waistband for this (her waist measurement minus 3″, as my fleece is fairly stretchy). Quick and easy. She has a tiny tiny waist so I do that if possible instead of using a pattern piece.

trip chronicle, part 1

The kids and I just got back from Michigan, where we spent a week with my parents–here are a few pics from the beginning of the trip!

Day 1: preparing for Sarah’s bridal shower! (My cousin Sarah is getting married! The cousins are dropping like flies.)

Here are Mary and Wesley, following Grandpa around the house to sweep off the ramp before the party. Don’t they look like baby ducks?

Wesley wanted to participate but he kept getting distracted and wandering off to explore.

Mary loves the ramp–well, they both do. Mary was delighted to sit on the railing and pose for some pictures.

Vinnie was not happy to have his space invaded by a pair of three-foot-tall lunatics.

At the shower, they were all for the food. Wesley tried to crawl up on the table to get to the cookies.

Mary was obsessed with the chips and ate enough Doritos to send her into a rage-filled toddler tailspin. Ah, well. Live and learn.

More tomorrow from the rest of the trip!