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merry Christmas to me!

So, David and Nina gave me this lovely yarn for Christmas:

It’s from a local farm in Colorado.

I decided that its fate was to become a pair of fingerless gloves, so I dug up the Fetching pattern from Knitty.

I finished the second one last night. I had to rip back the last rows of the first one, because I decided I still don’t like that picot bind-off; it looks sloppy–at least when I do it–and it makes the glove too loose around the knuckle. I did a few extra rows instead, with a decrease to make them tighter around the knuckles, and I like them a lot! Mary obligingly took a modeling photo:


finished objects: baby sweaters!

I don’t think Katie or Sarah reads my blog, so I will post pics of their baby gifts!

These are both from the Simple Baby Cardi pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple, although I made a couple of modifications:

* My sleeves were coming out strangely pointy, so I reduced the frequency of the decrease rows.

* I forgot to start with the collar or hood on the red one, so I had to go back and pick up stitches to add one. I like the result better than the collar that’s written, though, so I think I’d do that again next time. For comparison, the red sweater is the picked-up added collar and the blue and brown sweater has the regular one.

* I added snaps (functional) and buttons (for looks) instead of the knitted ties that it calls for. I can’t quite imagine wanting to tie it together every time I put it on a kid, plus, since these are 9-12 month size, I’m guessing that the babies will be old enough to untie things all the time. Incidentally, these are much bigger than I expected. 9-12 months…well, suffice it to say that the red one fit Mary when I tried it on her before  I added sleeves. I hope that means that the babes will get plenty of use out of them.

This one is for Sarah’s baby (we don’t know whether it’s a girl or a boy, so I went with red, which I think is cute on either!):

Somewhat wonky photo (it hangs a bit better in real life, but what it really needs is a baby inside to make it cuter).

Here’s the afterthought collar. I like how it stands out a bit from the body of the sweater.

And here’s baby Lola’s:


Raglan shaping!

Here they are, ready to go meet their new owners!

These were really fun to knit–easy, but still interesting to me because I’d never done raglan shaping. I need to work on my snap-and-button-sewing skills, though. I don’t know how people make them look so neat. They’re all hidden by the buttons, so it’s not too big a deal, but I’d like to figure it out.

latest knitted object

Mary wanted a “Spiderman sweater.” So we found Spiderman-colored yarn and she got this: 

It’s the child’s pinwheel sweater by Shelley Mackie (I’d link to it, but you have to sign up on Elann’s website to view the pattern). I seem to have gone a bit small on this one, so it’s more like a shrug…but she loves it!

(Note her strawberry plants, coming back from last year–she’s fascinated.)

knitting update: sweater!

I’ve been working on this forEVER. It was intended to be for Mary, but I think it’s going to be shared, since it fits both kids. The pattern is the ChildHood from Knitty.

Crazy kid.

Here’s why I like to sew:

Because Mary, who looks adorable in her new skirt, tells everyone, “My mama made this for me!” She then does a little demonstration twirl and then adds, “Because she loves me.”

This is a plain-Jane Redondo skirt, made from fleece; it sounded boring when I started it but it turns out that it’s my favorite of the three Redondos I’ve made for her. I like the solid color, and the heavier fleece fabric gives it better drape than the cottons I used for the others. Lots of twirl capability in this one! And it took about 20 minutes to make, since I didn’t hem the bottom edge. I like that raw look in something that doesn’t ravel.

Link to the pattern (though I got it cheaper–through Sewzanne’s, if memory serves…or maybe Fabric Fairy?)

Modification: Instead of using the waistband piece and elastic, I just made a fleece waistband for this (her waist measurement minus 3″, as my fleece is fairly stretchy). Quick and easy. She has a tiny tiny waist so I do that if possible instead of using a pattern piece.

latest sewing project pics!

I put together this skirt for Mary the other night out of a bunch of small pieces–I was pretty pleased with the way it turned out considering that none of the fabrics match each other!

Chickadee Cowl: complete!

I finished the cowl! It is totally cute, if I do say so myself. But here’s some proof…

I used Conor’s built-in iSight camera to take these pictures…so, well, you’ll see the difficulty. The first couple went okay:

Then Wesley said, “Dude! Is that a camera?”

“Let me see too!”

Mary said, “Mary wear cowl!”

She stole it.

I got it back, though. I love it.