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strawberry picking!

We went strawberry picking on Saturday–Mary took some pictures.

Getting started:






Looking for a good spot to pick:



Mama picking berries:



Conor took this one:



the rest of the family:



Finally–last but not least–the chickens.


he needs the truth.

Conversation between Mary and Wesley this evening…

Wesley: Did you know sometimes people say there’s a bunny about Easter?

Mary: The Easter Bunny?

Wesley: Yeah!

Mary: Yes. But he is pretend.

Wesley: I know. I KNOW! But he is still for Easter.

Mary: Yes, he is.

Wesley: He is not real though. Easter baskets are from Mama and Daddy.

Mary: Yes, like the quarter from the tooth fairy.*

Wesley: The tooth fairy is only for you, though.

Mary: Uh-uh! Everyone gets the tooth fairy. Except that’s really Mama and Daddy too. It’s pretend.

Wesley: Why would the tooth fairy come to me? I have all my teeth.

Mary: Someday they’ll fall out.

Wesley: [gasps, covers mouth]

Mary: But then they’ll grow back.

Wesley: WHAT!?! You have GOT to be kidding me.

Mary: I knew you’d want to know the truth.

* Yes, a quarter. I’m a cheap bastard–what can I say?

Bonus–a buddy pic from this weekend:

Easter pictures

We went to Grandma’s for Easter, and I took about 1,000 photos (almost entirely of my kids, for some reason–you’d think the rest of the family forgot to come to Easter).

Although Mary does know the meaning of Easter, I believe she saw this holiday mostly as an excuse to wear her Beautiful Dress (a Christmas gift from Mike and Sandy).

She played with Sammi.


They swung.

It was very exciting. Way more than you might think.

Grandma and Sarah came out to observe.


Mary played in the yard, periodically checking on Sammi (in the tree).

Wesley pranced around the yard.

And gave me serious faces.



I think this is my favorite photo from yesterday:

She does sort of look like me when I was a kid–sometimes.

She thought it was hilarious that these flowers matched her dress.

She looks alarmingly old in this picture–like we should be preparing for teenage door slamming and attitude.

Easter eggs

We colored eggs this afternoon (well, most of us: Wesley boycotted the whole process).

Mary was pretty serious about drawing on the eggs.

“Vibrant” colors indeed.

Conor demonstrated some egg-dyeing tips.

Mary’s favorite egg:

Waiting for eggs: BORING.

Please ignore his grubby little fingernails.

Happy Mary (egg-coloring is exactly her sort of activity).


Mary asked me today why Conor and I watched a movie after she went to bed last night. I said, “Because it was a movie for adults. I think you would’ve found it boring.” (It was “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy,” in case you’re wondering.)

She shrugged and said, “I like grown-up movies. Except the ones that are all about kissing or who the murderer is.”