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cine bebe

I’ve been meaning to catch up on what we’ve been doing over last weekend, but I haven’t gotten around to it until now.

We had a really busy day on Saturday. Conor, Mary, and I went to Silver Spring to the AFI theater. Conor and Mary dropped me off and I went to see “No Country for Old Men,” which is excellent, by the way. The two of them wandered around and did some shopping while they waited for me.

Then we met outside the theater and I took over the baby, and Conor and our friend Michael went to see the movie. Mary and I thought briefly about what we wanted to do and decided to go see another movie–“Darjeeling Limited.” I liked it but it has basically no story, so I’m not recommending it unless you’re a big Wes Anderson fan. Mary was extremely well-behaved and seemed to enjoy it very much. (I bought popcorn, which went a long way toward guaranteeing her good behavior.)

Then we met Conor and Michael after our movies all ended and went out to eat at a deli with a pickle bar (Conor was intrigued by this description so we had to go there). We moved on to Rockville, did a little Christmas shopping, and then drove home and put Mary, who was exhausted, directly into her crib. (Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200. Do Not Even Think About Giving Me a Bath.) It was a fun outing for all and I highly recommend that you all rush out and see “No Country for Old Men,” if you’re into that sort of thing.

Now I am getting ready to take Mary to the grocery store to buy veggies and dip ingredients for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving festivities. I am excited about having a long weekend–I don’t even have very many papers to grade!


speak now or forever hold your peace

If you want Christmas presents….

….tell me what you want.

And what size you are.

And what books you like best.

And whether you like wool.

I am so behind on Christmas ideas.

is there anything cuter….

…than a baby saying “Hi!”?


So, I finished Mary’s costume the other day mostly, but I had not yet put on the ears. So this afternoon I sewed on the ears, and then it was time for Mary to dress up. As we headed out, she was pretty happy with the outing:
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We had to go get something to draw her whiskers with, as I own no cosmetics. So we did that, and then I drew on the whiskers. I was not totally successful–it looked, especially on the left side, more like war paint–but in my defense I point out that neither was she totally cooperative.

We went to Grandma’s house and said, “Trick or treat.” Then I realized that Mary doesn’t eat candy. But anyway we went and visited.

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At this juncture I feel that I should point out that I made this costume. I knitted it. The whole thing–pants and sweater. Here’s another full-body picture so that you can appreciate this fully:
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This isn’t a great photo, but here’s the costume from the back….including my favorite part, the tail.
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After visiting Grandma we went to the grocery store. Mary loves the store but she was pretty tired by then so she made this face:
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We had to wait in line a long time and she got a little bored….she had to read packages to keep occupied:
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All in all, she had a good Halloween. I can’t believe I finished that sweater.