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the good stuff

This week–well, this month and even next month–are crazy.

I’ve taken on some extra teaching obligations that will have me in the classroom every day; the kids have a dance recital and then a far-away-ish dance competition; our possessions seem to be staging a coup by breaking, one after the other (car, dishwasher, picnic table–picnic table! really?–upstairs plumbing). The schedule madness means that I’ll barely see Conor during the week.

But all the same, this is the last week of school for the kids, and they’re excited. And they get more interesting to be around every day. The weather is beautiful (after yesterday’s monsoon). And I’m excited about the book I’m working on and enjoying the class I’m teaching.

So–not that I’m not looking forward to the part of the summer when the classes I teach are over and I get a break and our schedule returns to a normal level of crazy–I keep thinking, this is the good part. This is what I’ll think about when I’m old and the house is empty.



informed criticism

Last night I made risotto for dinner.

Wesley asked, “What’s dinner?” and I said, “Risotto and fruit and sliced vegetables.”

He said, “I’m not eating that.”

I said, “Well, you’ll have to take a tasting bite if you want anything else, but that’s up to you.”

He stomped his feet furiously, stormed out to the porch, and jumped around angrily, repeating “I’m not eating that! I’m not eating that! I want dinner but I won’t eat that!”

This went on for about five minutes. Sometimes he came over to the door to stomp directly at me.

Then he wandered off.

About five minutes after that, he came up to the door again and said, “Mama?”

“Yes, Wesley?”

“What’s risotto?”