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Attention: Your startup disk is full.

My brain is full. I keep trying to add things to it (you know, stuff like lesson plans, people I have to call, new phone numbers or addresses). They don’t stay. But somehow I have managed to store all manner of worthless brain clutter: birthdays of people I don’t even know anymore, the names of my younger sister’s elementary school friends, plotlines from episodes of “Perfect Strangers.”


Gee, thanks for that info.

My neck hurts– so I looked it up on Yahoo Health.

It tells me to go to the ER if I have the following conditions (among others):

  • High-energy blow to the top of the head
  • Penetrating injury, such as a stab wound or gunshot wound
  • Strangulation

It’s a good thing they specify that, so that next time I’m suffering strangulation, I don’t just take some ibuprofen and head off to bed.