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Wesley the Singing Kitty (video)


as promised–dress rehearsal video

So, while we will eventually get a DVD of the recital–which was awesome and hilarious–I do have this video of their dress rehearsal. As you can see, my worries that Mary would be scared of being onstage were unfounded. ┬áha ha ha.

dance party

Mary and Wesley, dancing to Steve Poltz:

The sleepiest slow dance in the world

(Click the arrow to play)

video extravaganza

Here are a few videos that I have been sort of lazy about uploading. (Our laptop was ridiculously full–we finally got a hard drive to dump some stuff onto.) Anyway. Behold the cuteness.

Wesley, courting disaster by playing with Miss Crabby (Mary’s special most-loved toy):

Mary and Grandma Cal dancing–this is from my parents’ last visit, which was a long time ago (November?):

And this is quite recent–Mary dancing while Conor plays the song “A Quick One While He’s Away,” by The Who. Wesley looks on and occasionally interferes.

Another from the same night, showing off Wesley’s dancing–for some reason this is quite blurry. I’ll try to get another soon.