So, we ventured out in a small and tentative way—Conor went and dug out the Cavalier, which he had the foresight to park at the end of the drive, while I took the kids out to the back porch to play in the snow. There was about a foot of snow on the porch–more in the drifts, less in the protected places. Mary was into it. Wesley…not so much:

Climbing on a drift–luckily she wasn’t heavy enough to really break through:

“You want me to do WHAT with the snow?”

Snow all over the bushes–this is why there are downed trees all over the area:

Conor, industriously shoveling out the car:

Mary doesn’t want to go inside. Note the adorable hand-knit hat–I love how it turned out.

Conor drove around the block; he said that one side of our house toward town is pretty clear, the other direction not so much. I expect I’ll be able to get to the university tomorrow. But there will still be enough snow for the kids to play in if they’re brave enough to go out in it again. We came in and did a workout DVD to try to burn off some energy before their naps–Wesley is strangely good at the Cardio Cabaret burlesque workout.


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