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Michigan trip!

This was a sort of epic trip–I drove to Michigan with the kids by myself, and then Conor flew out to join us a few days later and stayed for a week.

Why did I drive almost 600 miles instead of waiting 3 days, you ask?

Because Cherie and Jenny and their girls were in town, and we wanted to see them as much as we could!

It was a good choice, because the kids had a GREAT time. Mattie and Mary have grown up a lot since they saw each other last, and they hit it off immediately.

Cherie put together a scavenger hunt for them–Mary adored this because it let her show off her reading skills.


Here are the two Wesleys hanging out:


We swam just about every day, sometimes several times. Mary and Wesley worked on their newly-acquired skills from swimming lessons.

Mary was fearless.

We blew bubbles.

And went out for ice cream (some of us twice).


Wesley was fascinated but intimidated by Zuri.

Grandma Cal treated us to a trip to the zoo. The kids love the zoo.

Did you know a Wesley is this big?

Mary fed a giraffe (check out that long tongue!).

She is very hip.


The kids also went on innumerable tractor rides, including a trip to Grandpa’s house to pick up the brush hog. It took Dad and Grandpa a few minutes to get it hooked up.

Mary and Wesley passed the time by making scary faces…

…and looking in windows…

…and generally running amok in the barnyard.


The trip went very well, all things considered, and we saw most of the people/things we had intended to see–there’s never time for all of it, of course. (One thing that somehow never happened: riding Turbo. What has the world come to?) And now we’re home and it’s time to start thinking about getting ready for school. How did that happen?