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what we did last week

I’ve been recovering from five days traveling with Mary, so it’s taken a while for me to get the energy to do a blog about our trip. We flew to Michigan on Thursday and spent the weekend with my parents for Cherie and Jenny’s shower; we flew home on Tuesday. Mary has been asleep ever since. Here’s the rundown.

On Thursday, we got up obscenely early to go to the airport (Mary was not pleased). Conor dropped us off at Dulles and we checked in. I gave Mary some applesauce and she smiled at everyone and charmed all of our fellow travelers:

When we arrived in Kalamazoo, my mom picked us up and we went to my grandmother’s house to visit. Then we went home and Mary and I had a nap (finally). We hung out with Grandma and Grandpa, who had bought Mary new and exciting toys:

On Friday we went to a fabric/craft store with my mom, aunt Cherie, and Jenny. I bought some fabric, which I then proceeded to sew like mad all weekend. Mom, Mary, and I did shopping for the shower–we went to Meijer’s, which is always a highlight.

On Friday night, Melissa came home and Mary got to see her aunt:

We went outside to visit the animals. Mary sat on the lawnmower.

We visited Jake.

Mary hung out with Cherie and Jenny.

My dad did everything in his power to make Mary laugh the whole time.

On Saturday, we went to the quilt store with Grandma Swarthout. Then we came home and went out again with Mom and Melissa, to Kohl’s, to Target, to Gordon’s, to the bakery to pick up the cake. Mary shopped like a professional. Then we went to aunt Sally and uncle Jim’s new house for dinner…whereupon we discovered that Mary has teeth!

She has two little tooth nubbins on the bottom. She refuses to let anyone look at them, but I could feel them and finally I got a glimpse.

Sunday was the shower; it was well-attended and a good time was had by all. Mary was delighted because there was another baby who was about 3 weeks younger than she is. This is Mary stealing Jaylin’s pacifier:

This is Jenny’s disgustingly cute little pregnant belly.

Cherie and Jenny opened their presents. Mary helped them out with the ribbon.

This is what we gave them…
The quilt:

The t-shirt:

…and the baby legwarmers:

On Monday, we went out and visited the animals again. Here we are with some cows.

And here is Dad scratching the back of the Best Cow in the World–Etta. I’m upset with her, though, because she had her calf on Tuesday, mere hours after we went home. As though she couldn’t have speeded things up a little so we could see it!

I played with Mary a lot and she seemed to enjoy it.

Now, for the pictures of the sewing–I also made a skirt and a dress for Mary but I seem not to have photographed them. Here’s the result of a weekend with Mom’s (nicer) sewing machine:

Pants for Mary (I made an identical, only smaller–and therefore cuter–pair for Cherie and Jenny’s baby):

Apron for a swap–I love this and plan to make a lot of them in the future. Hello, 1967!

On Tuesday we left to go home. Mary was exhausted. Here she is, out cold on the floor at the Cincinnati airport:

And here–joyous!–is Mary, happily reunited with Daddy.



So Mary and I are flying to Michigan tomorrow for Cherie and Jenny’s shower. To do before then:

* Finish their present
* Pack (which means assembling food, clothes, diapers, toys, books, blankies, bottles, pacifiers, spoons, and baby toiletries for Mary, plus a toothbrush and some clothes for me)
* Till my garden (not likely, as it’s thunderstorming)
* Finish work for the Writing Center
* Make sure there’s food in the fridge so that Conor doesn’t starve (it’s been a while since he’s been on his own for this amount of time–five days–so I have to check the hot dog situation)
* Wash diapers and clothes
* Figure out how one person can carry a baby, a diaper bag, a camera, a suitcase, and a car seat

I’ll let you know.

I dream of…everybody.

So last night I had a dream that there was a big party–huge! at a convention center!–of all of the people I’ve ever known. It was a really big party, although I don’t know that many people compared to the average, I’d imagine.

Anyway (and for this I blame a particular episode of Dr. Who), when the party was well and truly in full swing, suddenly Liz arrived. And she was a zombie! (Seriously.) And so she took over the party, starting by turning Suz and Bob into zombies. Eventually everyone became a zombie except for me (of course–but I was trapped with the zombies) and–oddly enough–Mr. Robinson, my high school math teacher, who had the smart idea that all zombies should be shut and locked into a convention room, where they would be held while we figured out how to turn them back into regular people. Unfortunately he shut me in too, so I was really worried that I would be turned into a zombie while we were waiting. (I seemed concerned about this, rather than panicky…not sure why.)

The weird thing was–inasmuch as I can isolate a single “weird thing” about this dream–that Liz’s reason for being a zombie was that then she could drink as much as she wanted without getting a hangover. (She told me this as though I should change my mind and say, “Oh! Great! Make me a zombie!”) The fact that she had a strange urge to take over the world and turn all of my friends and acquaintances into the walking dead was just an odd side effect.


The other night I cut my finger on my mandoline (you know, those lethally sharp things you use to slice vegetables in fancy ways?). I’ve never even used the thing–I was trying to get something else off the shelf. Anyway, today I was cutting out quilt pieces with my rotary cutter. Because I had to change my usual technique to compensate for the cut finger, I cut my index finger on the other hand! Annoying.

I don’t get it

Conor and I just watched “Napoleon Dynamite”–I don’t see what all the fuss was about. It has funny parts, I’ll grant that…but if I want to spend an hour and a half watching nerds do nothing, I’ll go to my house.

We also watched “Memento” the other night. What a shapeless, self-indulgent mess that is. I hate the way they sell out the whole premise. Plus–if you’ve seen it, and you understand this, let me know–how does this guy understand and realize that he has a memory condition (all the time) if he can’t make new memories? At least by his description, his whole life is impossible. Anyway, the point is, there’s nothing to the movie outside of the gimmick, and that irritates me. (I like the actor who plays the hotel desk clerk, though.) All of this comes not long after we watched “Domino,” which suffers from the same problems and is even worse. Tiresome.

It’s odd to think that the thing we’ve watched recently that I’ve liked the most is the “Dr. Who” TV series (the first season of the new one). Somehow I never knew much about “Dr. Who,” but I didn’t think I’d like it. Actually I loved it. I’m still a little skeptical about season 2, since the Doctor isn’t played by Christopher Eccleston anymore, and I loved him. I thought he was the funniest thing ever.

So, although our movie was not a hit, we had a nice evening. Since our weekend is already booked up, Conor took me out to dinner for Mother’s Day (a whole new holiday! yes!). We went to a Thai restaurant in Waldorf (who knew there even was a Thai restaurant in Waldorf?). It’s no Ruan Thai, but it’s pretty good. Definitely a viable closer option. Then I got my Mother’s Day present (early–I’m not sure why, but I’ll take it). I’m now the proud owner of a Criterion Collection DVD of “The Fallen Idol.” Hurray! It’s a great movie.

This afternoon, Mary picked up one of her toys–a sort of heavy wooden spindle that holds wooden stacking rings–and then dropped it, right on her face. Poor baby. She has a little bruise there now. Very sad. I’m not sure you’d notice it particularly if you weren’t looking for it, but I kept expecting people in public to call Child Protective Services.

My garden tiller, which I bought last week but had to order, finally arrived. Prepare for photographs when I put it into service over the weekend. I’m excited that I have a real yard to plant things in! I think Conor’s excited too because the more I plant, the less lawn there will be to mow.

as promised….

….sheep pictures!

But first–a photo of Mary modeling my latest diaper-making success:

Now for the sheep pictures. We watched the sheepdog demo:

…which looked like this:

We did not have a nap.

We saw a sheep investigating a man’s pockets.

We ate junk food.

We annoyed a llama.

We intrigued a sheep.

We told these sheep that the grass was indeed greener on the outside, a fact they already suspected.

We saw sheep in coats…

…and sheep getting haircuts.

And we visited this wooliest, cutest sheep.

I consider the day an unqualified success.

does this make me a bad mother, or just a slob?

That is, that I’m letting Mary crawl around on the floor of my bedroom, figuring that if she falls over, the dirty clothes will cushion her fall?

And that this is an everyday occurrence?