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Oh! And I can post these pics!

Riley’s quilt arrived, so now I can post a photo of it:

Or two.


a few more things, sewn in a fit of productivity

Today I wrote eight pages on my dissertation. Eight pages! That’s a lot, in case you’re wondering.

I also made this:

….and I took pictures of Mary wearing this, which I made for her on Saturday:

Totally productive day! I even went to the post office, which for some reason usually takes me several weeks to get up the motivation to do.

my diaper swap package

I finally finished my sewing for the diaper swap. (The deadline is to mail them by Monday; wouldn’t want to get too far ahead.) This is what I made:

A fitted pocket diaper with matching stuffer; two t-shirts, as I couldn’t decide which one to send (I didn’t make these–just bought them); and a pair of cashmere shorties (made from a sweater I got at Target for an absolute steal).

Close-up of the shorties, which I love:

visit from parents!

So, my parents came to visit. They had an intense week of grandparenting. At first, Mary wasn’t too sure about them.

This is Dad, trying to feed Mary plums:

He missed, on occasion.

Grandma Cal took a thousand pictures of Mary. She has a new digital camera and can’t be stopped.

She even got a picture of all three of us, which we have none of because I’m always taking the picture.

On Saturday–no, Sunday–we went to Great Falls. We got caught in traffic on the way there, and then the line to get into the park was SO LONG. It was absurd. It was nice once we got there, though.

Here is Mary, ready to hike.

And here is a picture of Mary and me enjoying the scenery:

Mary helped read the map:

Grandma Cal and Grandpa Mike argued over how close to the edge to sit for their photo:

Mary and Grandpa posed in their overalls:

Mary sang along to “Whip It”:

Anyway, we had a nice week. Conor and I received a grill (for our birthday present) and requisite accessories (skewers!). Dad fixed our pipe that carries water to the outdoor spigot, so now I can use my garden hose (yay!). We went to campus on Wednesday; I had a meeting, so Mom and Dad took Mary for a walk to see the bronze turtle. Apparently, Mary chatted with all passers-by. (I find this plausible.)

Mom and Dad left this morning. Mary already is waiting for the next person who’s going to spoil her properly. Luckily we’ll be visiting them in a month or so for Cherie and Jenny’s shower!

more sewing! or, I’m so crafty.

So, I signed up for a “diaper and t-shirt” swap on a message board. The idea is that I make a matching diaper and t-shirt for someone else’s kid, and then that mom makes a diaper and t-shirt for Mary.

Well, hers arrived. The mom in question totally went above and beyond the idea of “t-shirt.” How cute is this?

Then, here are pics of the shirt that I made for Mary–turns out that it’s really more of a dress:

…and here are the pants that I made for her, out of an unused baby blanket. These are, in cloth-diaper terminology, “longies”–pants and diaper cover in one. Check out the close-ups to see that they are sweater pants!

And here are a couple more of Mary being cute in her dress:

Grandma Cal and Grandpa Mike are in town–they arrived today. More pictures, I’m sure, to follow.

moderately ecstatic cheer

I got offered a great job, I got offered a great job!

That is all.

Someday I will post a blog of more than three sentences.

happy birthday, Henry!

Today–well, yesterday, technically–was Henry James’s birthday.

I will peruse “The Ambassadors” in his honor.