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plurals, explained

Mary [to Wesley]: “Children.” Not “childs.” More than one child is “children.”

Wesley [holding up ladybug muffin]: So she would say “I have ladybug children.”

Mary: Or “kids.” You could always just say “kids.”

Wesley [shouting and gesticulating with the ladybug muffin]: I HAVE TWO KIDS! LADYBUG KIDS! [bites off end of muffin]

Mary: Guess that’s it. No more kids now, since you bit off her head.



I don’t usually post particularly personal things, but I’m breaking with tradition.

So, we lost Jake this week. He’s been part of our family for 20 years.

When I was about ten, we started hunting for a horse for me. We looked for a long time–a couple of years, in fact.

Then my riding instructor came up to us one day and said, “I found your horse.” She was right.

He was exactly the right horse for me.

He was sweet, funny, and sometimes difficult. I loved him.

Here he is, inspecting me (I was enormously pregnant at the time).

And inspecting Mary. For whatever reason, Jake loved Mary.

Anyway, I wanted to post something here because he was important to me. And because I wanted to thank my parents publicly for taking such good care of him for such a long time. He had a long, happy life, and he was loved.

We’re all going to miss him a lot.


can you believe this?

(note: I’m totally stealing my mom’s photos without permission.)
My dad bought a horse. To ride. And take camping.
This is crazy talk, but I swear it’s true.

The horse is named Doc. Here he is, with Dad:


They went camping last weekend and, I’m told, Doc did very well.


We sent him a helmet, so now the kids can stop pointing at the pictures and saying, “Grandpa’s not being safe! Where’s his helmet?!”

And here’s one of Doc and Sammy (mom’s horse) hanging out together on the camping trip. Cute, eh?

And finally, one of Mom and Dad on the trail: