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why didn’t I think of that?

I should have considered this when we still had Conor’s van!

Today as we were leaving the church parking lot, we saw our pastor (he of the Incredible Tallness) standing in the parking lot with a family. They had the hood of their car up, and he was tossing holy water on the engine.

Probably cheaper than getting a new clutch.


birthday recap

We had a great weekend. Conor and I both really needed a couple of days off (I mean Really, Really, Really needed). We’ve been swamped with indexing, teaching, the dissertation, Conor’s work week, which is absurd when you figure in his commute, etc. So we drove to Hanover, PA, on Friday, to see Steve Poltz. The crowd was a little obnoxious but there is no concert I like as much as a Poltz concert.

This is the face Mary made when we handed her to Steve Poltz for a pic during the intermission:
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Once Conor took her back, though, she was all about Steve:
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He made up a little song for her during the concert because she was being all cute and, you know, was a baby. (Hint: it included the couplet “Dear Mary–welcome to the planet Earth/Dear Mary–glad your mom gave birth.” Ha.)

She got a poster and had it signed, too.
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And then we went back to our hotel and tried to convince Mary that the room, despite its incredibly interesting novelty, WAS in fact designed for sleeping in. (The beds were very bouncy; she was wildly enthusiastic about that.) And on Saturday we drove around Gettysburg for a while, went to an incredibly depressing used book shop, and drove home via a scenic and somewhat roundabout route. We lounged about and watched a movie and generally did nothing.

Yesterday, we went to church and then drove down to Cap’n Billy’s for lunch with a bunch of relatives. Mmm….crabs. And also hush puppies. What more can you ask out of lunch? It’s scenic too (kindly ignore the lens dust):
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Later, we got ice cream for my birthday. Conor shared a little of his chocolate shake with Mary and she immediately became addicted:
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Now she’s all, “No, I haven’t had any ice cream today. Don’t you think it’s time for some ice cream? Well, cheerios are okay, but really I think we should go get some ice cream…” On the up side, she learned how to use a straw.

weekend update

We had a pleasingly non-taxing weekend, with few plans. We spent Saturday lounging about and doing more or less nothing, which was nice. We went over and visited Grandma M in the evening; Conor helped her with a computer thing and Mary crawled around wreaking all kinds of havoc, and fun was had by all.

Yesterday we had to go to 9 a.m. Mass (early! I protest), because it was the installation Mass for our new pastor. We like him a lot; he is extremely tall. (These are two facts about him, not necessarily related, in case you’re wondering.) There was a little reception afterwards with many different hors d’oeuvres, on which everyone lunched. So we had our quota of bacon-wrapped snacks and mini quiches, then we proceeded on to the rest of our day’s plans. We had decided to go up to Laurel and visit Daedalus Books (always a good outing!). We found a number of good books, including this, which I love:

We also found a pair of board books for Mary about the Pigeon. I love the Pigeon. And we got some movies, including an interesting-looking one about Siamese twins.

Then we moved on to buy Mary some food and then to the wine store, which is one thing I really miss about living in Laurel. We bought a lot of wine. On the way home, I sat next to Mary to keep her awake, so that she would nap when we got home and let us nap. (Devious plan, but a good one!) We read about the Pigeon.

We came home and watched “The Witches.” (I can see why, since my sister would have been very little when it came out, she and my mother had to leave the theater when the witches all take off their wigs….creepy.) We ate tuna salad and tomatoes from the garden. Eventually, without me really noticing, it was late at night and we put Mary to bed. I sewed a few diapers (cute cute diapers, which will eventually make a photo appearance here, I’m sure). Then Conor and I went out to watch the Perseid meteor shower. There were a lot of clouds, but we saw a few, and it was very nice outside. Eventually I came in because I got cold. Conor was talking to his dad on the phone–they were watching the meteor shower too!

Anyway, it was a nice relaxing weekend and now I’m back to work. I’ve been dissertating and doing some writing center advice. The writing center work is very dull and at one point I fell asleep working on it. I woke up to a Word file of the student’s paper, with, in the middle, 22 pages of o’s. I must have been typing an “o” when I fell asleep?

Mary is due for a nap, so I will end this scintillating blog. She has been dancing to Devo and the Clash while I’ve been updating all of you on our super-fun weekend. We’re currently hearing “Jimmy Jazz,” then she will depart for a sojourn in the crib.

well, it had to happen sometime.

So, I’m making Mary new diapers in a larger size, with snaps to close them instead of velcro, because she can take off the velcro, but apparently not fast enough….

Conor discovered, the other day, a stopgap measure–if you put the velcro ones on backward, the tabs are less accessible and she doesn’t take them off.

Until today.

She was napping today, and she started fussing a bit, so I went upstairs to get her. I walked into her room….well, before I even got to the room I thought, “What’s that smell?”

And then I opened the door and discovered that she had removed her diaper and liberally smeared all sides of her crib and everything in it with poo. I mean, it was everywhere.

Everywhere, that is, except on the diaper, which she had left completely clean, as though to taunt me.

Honestly, I wasn’t even sure how to go about cleaning up the mess. Conor was out volunteering, so I was stuck with it. I took her out and put her directly into the bathtub. I gave her a bath. I moved her to her playpen and washed Sophie the giraffe and her car keys and her copy of “Bear Snores On,” which had infant poo fingerprints on EVERY PAGE. I scrubbed the tub. I stripped the sheets off her bed and cleaned and disinfected the mattress cover. I mean, it was everywhere. Everywhere!

So anyway, we went on with our lives. Eventually Conor came home and I told him about it. We were hanging out playing with her and suddenly Conor looked at her and said, “Is that poop in your ear?”

Mary just grinned maniacally.


Anyway, it’s a good thing we’re cloth-diaper people, because she does the same thing with disposable diapers. Everything must snap!

In better and less disgusting news, check this out–our garden is gearing up.

No, please–just keep it.

One of my students came to class last night without a pen or pencil. I announced an in-class writing assignment and he asked if I had a pen he could borrow. So, I lent him one. (A nice one, I might add.)

We had conferences about paper topics last night. When it was his turn, he sat down next to me, suggested some topics (none of which were really acceptable, incidentally), and thought very hard about what he wanted to write on. To aid his thinking, he chewed his pen.

Damn damn damn. Why did I loan him a pen to begin with? Who goes to a writing class, of all classes, without a pen? Who goes ANYwhere without a pen?

Also, my snap press arrived! I’m snapping! So far I applied snaps to one of Mary’s (cloth) baby wipes. It can snap itself closed in half. Why, I can’t imagine, but hey, it was there.

finished object here!

I have been working on Mary’s longies forever and ever and ever…..and they’re done! I used Paton’s Merino wool and the Tiny Birds Organics free pattern. I’m really happy with them; I think they’re super cute. They’re the perfect size for Mary for this fall, and they have a fold-down cuff to make them longer as she grows. I think it took me a month to make them.

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Detail shot of a cuff–seed stitch and rib:
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Front view:
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Back view:
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Mary finds them rather interesting herself:
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