overheard the other night

Our bedtime routine is as follows:

* kids and Conor go up to the guest room and read a chapter of the book they’re doing (right now it’s “Winnie the Pooh”), while I either join them or tend to a few housework things;

* I change diapers while Conor brushes their teeth;

* we read the last story (stories?).

The other night, for some reason, instead of reading their book, the kids made Conor draw pictures for them. When I came in, Wesley was begging Conor to draw a submarine.

Wesley: Sub-mean, Daddy! Another sub-mean!

(Conor begins to draw)

Wesley: Is it…is Mama? Is…..sub-mean? Is….tanker truck? Is octopus? Yeah, is octopus!

(It was actually John Lennon looking through the porthole of the Yellow Submarine.)

Conor: I already drew you a submarine! And a dog, and a cat, and a horse, and two cars, and a tractor, and John Lennon. What more do you want?

Wesley: Sub-mean! Another sub-mean!


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