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help in the garden

I have an assistant this year.

Watering the mixed greens:

From garden helper

She loves watering.

From garden helper

She’s just figured out how to spray the hose. (Good and bad from my perspective, as you might guess.)

From garden helper

She’s a little manic.

From garden helper

Breaking up dirt clods: the job for the garden fork when she’s not using it to scratch her back.

From garden helper

She is game for raking despite the somewhat outsized rake.

From garden helper

Did I mention that she loves to water?

From garden helper

Washing the duck (she is strangely neurotic about a dirty watering can):

From garden helper

This is what Wesley does to help in the garden. (He fell asleep on the way home from the gym today so we decided to stay outside instead of waking him up.)

From garden helper

Bonus pic of Wesley, just because he’s been neglected lately photo-wise:

From garden helper


The very nice wife of one of Conor’s co-workers picked up a new raincoat for Mary from the LLBean outlet near them. I have been looking for a raincoat for her that isn’t covered in cartoon characters. It is adorable.

From april 29 2009

The pants are new, too, but I made those–it’s a poor pic of them but they are paisley. (I love paisley.)

From april 29 2009

This is what you get when you let Mary put up her hood by herself–hair.

From april 29 2009

She can fix her hair, though. But she doesn’t have to like it. (Please excuse the mustache of some sort of crud–I’m not sure what it is.)

From april 29 2009

In other news, my seedlings are even getting true leaves and everything now that they’re on the porch–well, a couple of them are.

From april 29 2009

Why, hello, onion!

From april 29 2009

Think I need to thin and weed the carrots?

From april 29 2009

Wesley can understand English!

We have solid proof!

Last night I said, “Wave to Daddy!” and he did, even though I wasn’t looking at Conor or waving.

Then this morning I said, “Can you wave to Mary?” and he did!

It’s so exciting when they can really follow what you say.

Also he is jabbering like crazy and it’s hilarious. He’s in a mimicking phase, too–put your arms up in the air and he puts his up. Roar at him and he roars back.

planted today:

Cucumbers (marketmore), yellow squash, pattypan squash, and beefsteak tomatoes. I see the carrot sprouts coming up. yay yay yay!


And you know why I love it? Two reasons (neither of which is “because I adore having my clothing plastered to my body by sweat”):

1) Because things I hang on the line dry in minutes.
2) Because I can almost see my garden plants growing.

Tomorrow it will be over and we’re getting rain, so I’m going outside to read on a blanket under a tree.


Well, you heard it here first: I am on a decluttering mission.

Our house is packed with far too much stuff (hand-me-downs….my God, the hand-me-downs). I’ve been working at paring down the kids’ stuff, getting rid of too-small stuff, etc.

But it’s growing faster than I can winnow. So, new plan: I’m going to donate a bag of stuff per week until I start to see daylight.

Here’s an interesting post about minimizing kid clutter by giving non-“stuff” gifts–I like all of her ideas. I’m giving these gifts from now on.’t-involve-“stuff”/

real bed!

Mary slept in her “big kid bed” (i.e. a crib mattress on the floor) last night! It was her first night out of the crib. I have loved having her in the crib so long–she was happy in there, contained, and safe (she didn’t seem inclined to try to get out). But Wesley is too big for his pack-and-play lifestyle (the bottom flexes when he crawls around it) and he needs the crib.

So, this week, Mary gets used to her big-kid bed. Next week…if all goes according to plan…we move Wesley into the crib (which means they share a room). Should be interesting.