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recent kid achievements

Wesley is changing so fast–I can’t get over it. Things he says now include “I need to get up!” (which, I might point out, is an actual sentence!), “our car” (which he correctly applies to the Cavalier), “tired,” “I need bottle!” (again a sentence, more or less), “come back” (heartbreaking if you’re trying to go to the next room and he says it), and “please.”

Things that he will say without being prompted–that is, without one of us saying it first for him to repeat:
* banana
* get up (or “need to get up”)
* get down (or “need to get down”)
* airplane
* thank you
* tickle (as a request–means “tickle me please”)
* ball
* balloon
* block
* food
* bite (as in, “Give me a bite”)
* fishie (usually applied to goldfish crackers)
* bottle
* string cheese
* car

And, cutest of all, he’s starting to learn animal noises. He’s really good at “baaaa.”

Mary, in case you’re feeling like she’s not doing anything interesting these days, has developed some new skills too. She can put on her own pull-up-style diaper (which means, absurdly, that she can change her own diaper if it’s wet). She can buckle her own car seat straps. She can talk on the phone (to an extent). She can answer the phone (a mixed blessing at best). And she is turning into the sweetest big sister ever: she gives Wesley bites of her food, which is a testament to both of them in a way because getting a spoonful of food into the ever-moving target that is Wesley’s mouth is a tough task. And she finally learned to ride her tricycle.

They’re growing up realllllly fast. It’s sort of worrisome and exciting.



Also, her reading tastes are getting more sophisticated.


Wesley is so big.

When we visited Michigan, less than a month ago, Wesley only said a few words–“mama,” “dada” [kind of], “Mary” [“May-ee”],”bottle,” and “go.” Sometimes “no.” Which means both “no” and “yes.”


His vocabulary, in the last couple of weeks, has just exploded. Things he has said include: “string cheese” [one of his favorite phrases], “ready get up,” “pick up,” “snuggle,” “give me,” “these,” “book,” “go bed,” “water,” “drink,” “some,” and “monkey.” Oh, and “thank you,” which he said when I gave him a piece of string cheese.  He’s also started helping me unload the silverware from the dishwasher; he takes out the forks and spoons and whatnot one at a time and hands them to me, and then he grins when I say “Thank you!” He is fearless riding the little  dolphin-on-a-spring toy at the playground and is really good at balancing on it. I just can’t get over how much he’s changed in the last month–walking, talking. 


Mary is impressed by it, too. She said, “Wesley learning to talk?” I agreed that he was, and she said, “That’s so cute!”