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Easter pictures

We went to Grandma’s for Easter, and I took about 1,000 photos (almost entirely of my kids, for some reason–you’d think the rest of the family forgot to come to Easter).

Although Mary does know the meaning of Easter, I believe she saw this holiday mostly as an excuse to wear her Beautiful Dress (a Christmas gift from Mike and Sandy).

She played with Sammi.


They swung.

It was very exciting. Way more than you might think.

Grandma and Sarah came out to observe.


Mary played in the yard, periodically checking on Sammi (in the tree).

Wesley pranced around the yard.

And gave me serious faces.



I think this is my favorite photo from yesterday:

She does sort of look like me when I was a kid–sometimes.

She thought it was hilarious that these flowers matched her dress.

She looks alarmingly old in this picture–like we should be preparing for teenage door slamming and attitude.


more forgotten trip pics

Okay, so “tomorrow” was a little optimistic. But here are some more! After the first stint in Denver, we drove to El Paso for Christmas festivities.

Mary lined up her stocking contents and sampled the applesauce from her stocking while we were waiting for Grandma Sandy to arrive.

Then we decorated the table so that it would be ready for Grandma Sandy. Mary made place cards:

Wesley was very ready to get started eating.

We made bread!

Wesley and Grandpa Mike spent a lot of time working on a puzzle.

Mary and Grandma had a snuggle.


So…remaining Denver pictures to follow!

forgotten blog!

I just realized I never posted ANY of the pictures from our Christmas-New Year travels! I’m a bad blogger.

We flew into Denver and stayed a day or so before heading down to El Paso. Here are a few pics from that leg of the journey.

Mary and Molly enjoying Molly’s crazy collection of art supplies:

Wesley used Riley’s bulldozer. Riley provided helpful advice and instruction.


It snowed the night we arrived, so the next day, the kids went out to play. (Snow is fairly novel for my kids: we’ve gotten huge amounts sometimes here, but they weren’t old enough to remember it.)

Cousins in the snow!





Later, Wesley was a “Santa porcupine with a lightsaber.”


I’ll post some more tomorrow. I can’t believe I forgot to put these up!

attempt at a catch-up

So, this whole month has gone basically unblogged because we have been so ridiculously busy.

We went to visit my parents for Thanksgiving (see photos at bottom of post!). Then we came back and I got slammed with end-of-the-semester teaching work and dissertation deadlines…and then my grandmother passed away and we drove BACK to Michigan for another 5 days, which necessitated patching together semester’s-end plans for my final exams and whatnot.

Then we came home and there were my dissertation deadlines, waiting not-so-patiently. I have been writing, writing, writing, and therefore not blogging! I mean, it’s been ridiculous–I wrote all day Christmas Eve, even.

I am sending out a chapter today so I’m taking a short break to post a few Thanksgiving pictures. I’ll save the rest–Christmas pictures, as yet un-uploaded, etc.–for later.

How ridiculously cute is this?

card shark!

Ryan and Jill’s newest baby:

An attempt to get a cute Christmas photo:

Mary, having a droopy moment:

Decorating cookies:

That’s a focused Wesley:

finished product!

And here’s a cute bonus picture of Wesley from when we got back home:

travel post

So we went to Michigan for Christmas/the New Year. I can’t possibly post all of the photos or tell about everything we did, because the kids went CRAZY this year–farm activities, other kids, all kinds of excitement. (Also 6,407 gifts per kid…wow, did we overbuy. Note to Self: gifts multiply.)

Anyway…so here is a selection, for your viewing pleasure, of pictures from the trip. I will add some more tomorrow or the next day, because, well, I do have other things to do today.

It was Christmastime.

Aunt Melissa was in town, too. She and Wesley spent some time watching one of the cats:

The kids got to hang out with their cousins Mattie, Anna, and Colton:

Colton had a lovely time….part of the time.

Mary goofed off with the magnet letters:

We also got to see Nathan–the kids’ second cousin (I think–these things are rather obscure to me):

“I need a carton of cookies, stat!”

Wesley being adorable:

Wesley squished my nose:

There was a lot of snow.

And a lot of sun. (Wesley’s in the tractor with Grandpa Moo.)

Mary played with her old pal, Sophie.

And Mary climbed the drifts.

More to come later. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. It was a busy time but lots of fun! And we got some time to hang around and do nothing, too–which is fabulous.