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birthday boy pic and an open question

Wesley was not feeling well yesterday–poor boy, being so sad on his birthday. He had a fever and was clingy and cranky and generally unhappy. But he is feeling better today!

So, Grandma and Grandpa S sent Wesley a birthday present. There were two tissue-paper-wrapped packages inside–one for Wesley, one that was marked “For Mary.”

Wesley picked up the one marked for Mary, looked at it, and handed it to her and said, “It’s for Mary.”

Was this coincidence? Or did he read the M? (He knows that her name starts with M, probably, because she spells it a lot. But does he know what an M looks like?)


as promised–dress rehearsal video

So, while we will eventually get a DVD of the recital–which was awesome and hilarious–I do have this video of their dress rehearsal. As you can see, my worries that Mary would be scared of being onstage were unfounded. ┬áha ha ha.

dance recital!

Video of the dress rehearsal coming later….but here are a couple of pics to whet your appetite! Mary was a rock star. She loved it and did fabulously.

And, she looked cute.

Cheerios–gotta fuel up before the rehearsal.

Testing out the stage:

Cutest pic ever:


mama skills

Things I have learned to do since having kids:

* open a beer (non-twist-off at that) while nursing a baby in a baby carrier;

* pick up any item of laundry off the floor with my toes without disturbing the huge pile that’s already in my arms. (The trick is: flick the clothes up and catch them. Don’t try to reach down to snag the laundry item from your toes, because you’ll just drop more.);

* bathing a child while cleaning the bathroom–just make sure you keep track of which variety of cleaning product goes on the kid;

* make a grilled cheese sandwich–I had never made one before, because I don’t like them;

* carry one backpack, one small cooler, one baby carrier, one computer bag, and two children at the same time (this is occasionally necessary at airports).

dissertation hack

So I am a sucker for anything that structures my writing, gives me a quota, builds a community, etc.–writing my dissertation is a difficult and isolating task, so something like this is fantastic for me.

I just found out about it today so I am starting two days late, but what the hell, I’ll do it anyway. I’ll be posting updates now and then with my word count. The yoga component is great too. I like yoga but I don’t do it very often because I don’t make the time–but the kids like to do it, too, so it doesn’t cut into my work time (since I work almost entirely when they’re asleep).

beginning of summer

This is the beginning of summer. How can I tell?

* Ants are back. Hello, old friends. I hate you.

* Two flowers on the cosmos, which, by the way, is an incredibly resilient plant, at least here, and keeps reseeding itself all over the garden. I don’t have the heart to weed them–after all, they are so beautiful–so they just grow everywhere. In with the tomatoes, along the lettuce row, in the beans.

* Stinky laundry if you leave it in the washer for even a few hours before drying it. Ew.

* Kids lying around, looking wilty and sweating (though not today–we’re having a nice little cool snap and relishing every minute).

* The smell of sunscreen and bug spray. And the annual removal of the first ticks, which was the catalyst for remembering to buy the bug spray.

* My parents coming to visit. They always seem to come visit in the summer (I guess because tax season is over) and Mom spends the whole time trying to convince her hair not to curl up.