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gratuitous pictures of kids!

We are on our way out for Christmas; no time for a real blog. But a couple of pictures from recent days:

Mary being soulful:

From New Album 12/23/08 9:16 PM

Wesley asleep:

From New Album 12/23/08 9:16 PM

…and awake:

From New Album 12/23/08 9:16 PM

Mary stuffing her face:

From New Album 12/23/08 9:16 PM

movie rec and gossip!

Two items: first and foremost, my friend Linda is engaged! I approve of her choice, which is of course of the utmost importance. So yay!

Second item: if you have not seen the film “Be Kind, Rewind,” you really, really should. But not if you’re really looking for plot. People I expect to love this movie include Suz, Liz, and Kevin. But maybe not anyone related to me–you would probably think it’s weird, sort of like “The Life Aquatic.”

hey Suz–

Remember when we were in high school and your car had a rust spot or a ding or something, and you decided to touch it up with automotive paint, then the paint turned out to be a really different color of gray and so you decided to paint “Woodstock” across the trunk, but you ran out of room and it just said “Woods”?

Me too. That was funny.

Mary is a critical thinker!

We watched some Dr. Who earlier. Mary watched the intro, in which the TARDIS is shaking around and acting like it’s going to blow up. She said, “Is okay. Doctor fix it.”

She’s figured out the whole series!

catch-up blog

It’s the end of the semester–hence my unblogging. Anyway, here’s a little rundown of some recent events.

My parents came to visit. Mary and Wesley had a GREAT time. Mary looooves Grandma and Grandpa’s visits. Why? Well, she likes them. She also likes pancakes, which my mom always makes for her. The way to Mary’s heart is through a bottle of maple syrup.

My mom held Wesley a bit:

From Grandpa Moo and Grandma Cal's visit

My dad held Wesley a lot:

From Grandpa Moo and Grandma Cal's visit

This is how they looked often. And let’s not forget to point out that this is the bear suit. Mary wore the bear suit for months and months but Wesley’s time in it is limited, I fear. He is larger than she was. Or the bear suit has shrunk.

They watched the kids so that Conor and I could go to see “Quantum of Solace” (which was awesome, by the way–I love Daniel Craig as Bond, as I may have mentioned before in this forum). Also so that I could whip up a pair of Christmas pants for each kid. (Does that crack you up? It cracks me up. What happened to me that I am doing this?)

From Grandpa Moo and Grandma Cal's visit

Please excuse the horribly unflattering photo of me–I am not really the color of a snowman in real life.

Grandpa and the kids chilled out and watched football:

From Grandpa Moo and Grandma Cal's visit

Wesley made turtle faces:

From Grandpa Moo and Grandma Cal's visit

And Conor and Wesley looked like one another–I’m not sure this picture conveys how much Wesley is growing to look like Conor:

From Grandpa Moo and Grandma Cal's visit

More to come; that’s all the time I’ve got!

I interrupt my blog laziness to announce…

….that we finally caught our mouse!

We have seven mousetraps. He found the ONE that is a live humane trap. I released him, after driving him several miles from our house. Yay!

babywearing, Grandpa-style