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good grief!

This evening, I decided it was time to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special. Conor had pointed out to me that it was available on Hulu, so I went to the trouble of hooking up the laptop to the TV and everything to watch it.

It’s suddenly clear to me how little TV we watch. (We watch a lot of movies, and for that matter TV shows on DVD–but very little TV that’s actually on TV, if that makes sense.) Every time there was a commercial, the kids freaked out. “Mama, it’s BROKEN! Who is that? Why is that guy standing on a table? WHAT HAPPENED TO SNOOPY?”

They were also pretty alarmed by how mean the other kids are to Charlie Brown. I had forgotten that somehow. Every time one of them used the word “stupid,” there was a chorus of “That’s so mean! That’s a very mean word!” from the kids.

I’m not sure the viewing was quite a success. ha.


travel post

So we went to Michigan for Christmas/the New Year. I can’t possibly post all of the photos or tell about everything we did, because the kids went CRAZY this year–farm activities, other kids, all kinds of excitement. (Also 6,407 gifts per kid…wow, did we overbuy. Note to Self: gifts multiply.)

Anyway…so here is a selection, for your viewing pleasure, of pictures from the trip. I will add some more tomorrow or the next day, because, well, I do have other things to do today.

It was Christmastime.

Aunt Melissa was in town, too. She and Wesley spent some time watching one of the cats:

The kids got to hang out with their cousins Mattie, Anna, and Colton:

Colton had a lovely time….part of the time.

Mary goofed off with the magnet letters:

We also got to see Nathan–the kids’ second cousin (I think–these things are rather obscure to me):

“I need a carton of cookies, stat!”

Wesley being adorable:

Wesley squished my nose:

There was a lot of snow.

And a lot of sun. (Wesley’s in the tractor with Grandpa Moo.)

Mary played with her old pal, Sophie.

And Mary climbed the drifts.

More to come later. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. It was a busy time but lots of fun! And we got some time to hang around and do nothing, too–which is fabulous.

my blog is neglected.

Because I am sewing and knitting Christmas presents, which cannot be shared until after Christmas. It frustrates me. Just wait until December 26.