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first splash of 2012

Mary got started filling up the pool–as usual, I had to remind her that the pool will not fill up if none of the water actually goes into it.



The all-important hair-washing:



This year, Wesley is brave enough to participate!



Wesley hollered, “But she is WET AND COLD!”



Silly faces:



fake spring

It’s been ridiculously warm and (often) sunny here, considering that it’s still early March. The kids are loving it.

Mary’s getting some definite tricycle skills.

Wesley’s been checking out the plants.

These flowers have been hornswoggled. (Mary took this picture.)

Here, Wesley shows his close relationship to aunt Melissa and aunt Cherie:


Why is his face always so dirty?


And one bonus pic of Mary snuggling with Conor:

outdoorsy pics

We’ve had a few nice days recently (although yesterday was still cold!), so I’ve gotten a few photos of the kids outside, running and playing and generally being wholesome.

Wesley, wearing Batman cape, Spiderman shoes, and Star Wars shirt (he is everyone’s target market):

Mary in her princess crown–they have basically been wearing the crown and cape since Halloween (not always on the same kid–sometimes they trade):

Yesterday, we went to the park. Wesley got very brave on the climbing things:

And, for that matter, so did Mary.

Mary is looking very adult.

Her ears got cold.

Wesley asked me to come through and play.

He wandered around, looking at squirrels.

Mary was sad when it was almost time to leave.

She shouted, “Wesley! There are monsters! RUN!”

overdue pics

So, here are a couple of “before” photos of Wesley’s previous hair:

…and after.

Yes, he is dressed like a punk. This jacket belonged to one of his cousins–Jack, Riley, or both–and he is madly in love with it and asks to wear it all the time.

I believe, in that photo, that he has successfully vanquished Mary.

In this one, he is poking the car with a stick. No, I don’t know why.

Lest you think I am neglecting MaryBear–here she is at the playground.

…and making a serious face (ignore the speckles of blueberry applesauce under her eye):


She got tired.

and she got dirty.

And she got sucked into a life of crime.

one-way ticket to Big-Kid Land

That would be Mary. She is so grown-up these days. It is….astounding. Wonderful. Sad. Funny.

She’s started calling me Mom (as opposed to Mommy). “Thanks, Mom!” “No, I got it, Mom!” “Hey, Mom? Can you come get me a paper towel?” (not a good sign, that last one). No one told her to do this; it’s like she learned it at secret underground Big Kid School.

Anyway, she is very grown-up. Wesley, as well, is heading for adulthood at breakneck speed, which is dismaying and adorable at once. This morning, Wesley figured out what pretending is. That’s right–he figured it out! Mary was crawling around and barking. I said, “Are you a doggie?” He looked at Mary, then looked at me, then shouted, “Is a doggie!” and began petting Mary’s hair. He laughed hysterically every time he petted her and she barked. So. Cute. Seriously, so cute.

Anyway. The actual purpose of this post is PICTURES!

Check it out: they actually sat together, without pushing, crying, pinching, stealing toys, or otherwise creating mayhem!

Granted, they were watching “The Muppet Show,” but still.


Last weekend, we went on a family outing. Linny’s Deli, the park behind our old apartment, Daedalus Books, sushi. What more could we ask for?

Mary, eating potato chips–she was delighted:

Wesley, eating potato chips–he was mistrustful, but he got over it.

Because, you know, he loves food. All kinds of food.

Mary had her first grilled cheese ever. Wesley got a quarter:

By the way, Mom–I told Mary you like to make grilled cheese sandwiches. She expects one when we visit you.

Then we went to the park. Mary hit the ground running.

Gah! Like I said. She’s a big kid.

Nothing scares her now–look at the size of this thing.

Then there’s Wesley: he likes to stay close to the ground. (Actually, that’s not really fair. He is a tentative kid but somehow climbing is usually exempt from his normal Principle of Being Hesitant.)

Since Mary is such a big kid, they can swing together on a swingset with one baby swing and one regular swing!

Or, Conor can swing with Wesley.

Mary pops out of a hole, looking very self-satisfied:

Just to prove I was there, here I am with Wesley. He is snuggling me in this picture and saying, “Oooo hoo hoo,” which is his noise he makes when he cuddles someone or something. It is ridiculously cute.

Conor tried to take a family photo. (Note that we are all sort of in it, if you count his shadow.)

Memorial Day festivities

We didn’t go anywhere for Memorial Day–not that we would have anyway, but Conor had to work. However, Sean and Ginger brought Mackenzie over (she is a couple of weeks younger than Wesley: they are peers!).

When they arrived, Wesley decided he was terrified of them all, especially Mackenzie. He cried. I am not sure why. Does this look scary to you?

From Memorial Day with Mackenzie

(Right now, Wesley is practicing his roar. I can understand THAT being scary to another baby.)

They played with some toys on the same blanket. For babies, that constitutes “playing together.”

From Memorial Day with Mackenzie

Mary (who completely refused to be dressed at any point yesterday) really likes Mackenzie.

From Memorial Day with Mackenzie

She was fascinated.

From Memorial Day with Mackenzie

Mary and Mackenzie decided to examine the pool….

From Memorial Day with Mackenzie
From Memorial Day with Mackenzie

…and the rest was a foregone conclusion.

From Memorial Day with Mackenzie
From Memorial Day with Mackenzie
From Memorial Day with Mackenzie

Wesley was not interested:

From Memorial Day with Mackenzie

But he was amused.

From Memorial Day with Mackenzie
From Memorial Day with Mackenzie

Wesley decided he would rather play with a stick.

From Memorial Day with Mackenzie

Waterlogged goldfish crackers–I believe the expression is “Yummo”?

From Memorial Day with Mackenzie

rave for Laurel’s Kitchen

So Conor picked up a copy of this book for me: click here

It is FANTASTIC. All about whole grain bread baking–nothing else–instead of just “you may substitute whole wheat flour for half of the flour” at the bottom of the recipe. I made the basic loaf over the weekend and it turned out pretty well–I think it would have been even better if I’d kneaded it longer so I’m going to try it again soon. Seriously, this book is great. The authors decided that substituting whole grain flour instead of just writing a recipe that’s designed for it is how most cookbooks arrive at bread recipes that are more or less indistinguishable from bricks. The loaf I made is up there with the best loaves of bread I’ve ever made–even the ones I made from white bread flour. I’m going to use her recipe to make a sourdough starter and I’ll keep you posted.

In other news, here are some recent-ish pictures that I have forgotten to post here–just some outdoorsy kid photos. I’ve taken more since these that haven’t been uploaded yet, so here’s a taste to whet your appetite:

From May 8 2009

Mary was in a “take my picture” kind of mood.

From May 8 2009

Excuse the drool.

From May 8 2009

Wesley is trying to decide if the neighbor’s yard is tempting enough to lure him off the Blanket of Safety.

From May 8 2009

Incidentally, I made everything Mary is wearing in these photos. Even the diaper. Is that insane?

From May 8 2009

Mary says, “I go sleep!” I am skeptical.

From May 8 2009

Sweet Mother of God, that is a cute baby.

From May 8 2009

As Mary said, “Wessy SO sleepy-tired!”

From May 8 2009