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This blog has been so neglected. (I guess because I generally use Facebook for quick bits and pieces instead of real posts.) Ah, well.

So today I am in grading jail. I have 70 essays to grade, more or less. The kids and I are off school for Columbus Day (very politically incorrect, but I can use the catch-up time–wouldn’t you think they could at least change the name to “October Holiday” or some such thing, like some schools do?).

I have notified the kids that they are on their own, entertainment-wise, because I have work to do. “You can play all day and do anything you want, as long as it’s safe,” I told them. “But if I hear any arguing–ANY–I’m separating you and putting you both to work cleaning in different rooms. Got it?”

They got it.

So, at the moment, they’re playing a game of their own devising: Dinosaurs vs. Fairies in the Land of Origami Fish.