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baseball outing

The local paper had a special promotion–spend a certain amount at certain retailers for back-to-school stuff and get 4 free tickets to a baseball game. We’d been talking about taking the kids to see the Nationals this summer and just hadn’t gotten around to it, so we sent in our entry and got free tickets! (As long as you disregard the price of the $16 hot dogs and whatnot.) A bunch of other family people got tickets for the same day, so we had a crowd of relatives to go with, too.

Anyway, this was, I think, my second baseball game. I have a vague recollection of freezing to death during a game at Wrigley Field as an undergrad. But it was the kids’ first game. On the way there, on Metro, I tried to explain to them that you should cheer when your team does something good.

Me: So then you clap! And you can yell things like “Good job!”

Wesley: I’m gonna yell “Thanks for doing the right thing!”

Anyway, we went to the ballpark and watched our team lose (they’ve been winning all season, but not this time!).

Mary took a few pictures.

She’s currently obsessed with the fisheye lens function on her camera:

This was her view of the game (from behind Claire):

Here are Wesley and John cheering:


The kids pestered everyone by climbing up and down the two rows we were using (well, asking other people to lift them up and down). They ate hot dogs and ice cream and peanuts. It was all good fun for the first three hours or so. The game went on for FOUR hours, which is a bit much baseball if you ask me, but they held up pretty well and were still in good spirits afterward, which is more than could be said for many of the people around us who got cranky when the other team started beating us.

I got this pic of Mary, who was simultaneously delighted and scandalized by her cousins’ antics:

I think it was a success, for the most part.


first day of school!

Today was the kids’ first day of school. They had a great time and both of them loved their teachers. (Hurray!)

They had to get up early, of course; Wesley didn’t have much trouble with that. Mary, on the other hand, had to be pried out of bed. As usual.

Here’s Wesley, ready to go:

And here’s Mary in her new first-grade uniform:

Wesley got ready and everything, but he didn’t sleep well last night; he was too excited about school. So by the time we got to the parking lot, he was…well, he didn’t know what hit him.

Mary held Wesley’s hand and led him to his classroom. She said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take very good care of him.” (What a good sister.)

On another note, I just realized that this week is my ten-year teaching anniversary. Ten years ago this week, I started teaching my first class. I cannot believe it’s been that long, but it also seems like I’ve been a teacher forever, so I guess it shouldn’t be surprising.

Definitely one of the three or four best decisions I ever made.

visit from Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Mike!

We had a lovely visit from Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Mike. They headed home on Wednesday, and I think the kids are recovering right about now. We ate well, had lots of conversation (shocking!), and drank some very good wine.
We went downtown to check out some memorials. Wesley and Grandma Sandy shared a little hug.

Grandpa showed Mary the Braille underneath the letters on the quote and she went hunting for every A.

Kids had a snuggle–I think this was solidarity over the fact that they were both hungry.

A little rest time:

On a different day, we visited a local historic mansion with a cool garden.


There was a cool playground for the kids (all three of them):





At a local aviation museum, Mike explained the rotary engine.

…and used the flight simulator.


We had a great time–especially the kids, who were a whirlwind of activity interspersed with complete collapse.

Michigan trip!

This was a sort of epic trip–I drove to Michigan with the kids by myself, and then Conor flew out to join us a few days later and stayed for a week.

Why did I drive almost 600 miles instead of waiting 3 days, you ask?

Because Cherie and Jenny and their girls were in town, and we wanted to see them as much as we could!

It was a good choice, because the kids had a GREAT time. Mattie and Mary have grown up a lot since they saw each other last, and they hit it off immediately.

Cherie put together a scavenger hunt for them–Mary adored this because it let her show off her reading skills.


Here are the two Wesleys hanging out:


We swam just about every day, sometimes several times. Mary and Wesley worked on their newly-acquired skills from swimming lessons.

Mary was fearless.

We blew bubbles.

And went out for ice cream (some of us twice).


Wesley was fascinated but intimidated by Zuri.

Grandma Cal treated us to a trip to the zoo. The kids love the zoo.

Did you know a Wesley is this big?

Mary fed a giraffe (check out that long tongue!).

She is very hip.


The kids also went on innumerable tractor rides, including a trip to Grandpa’s house to pick up the brush hog. It took Dad and Grandpa a few minutes to get it hooked up.

Mary and Wesley passed the time by making scary faces…

…and looking in windows…

…and generally running amok in the barnyard.


The trip went very well, all things considered, and we saw most of the people/things we had intended to see–there’s never time for all of it, of course. (One thing that somehow never happened: riding Turbo. What has the world come to?) And now we’re home and it’s time to start thinking about getting ready for school. How did that happen?

what the garden looks like

The garden is taking off–despite a ruthless battle with the slugs for dominance of the lettuce and kale.




Wesley checking out the rolled-up tendril on the cucumber:


And here’s a bonus pic of the kids:


Wesley asked, “Why do we call her MaryBear?”

In answer, I produce the following exhibit:

first splash of 2012

Mary got started filling up the pool–as usual, I had to remind her that the pool will not fill up if none of the water actually goes into it.



The all-important hair-washing:



This year, Wesley is brave enough to participate!



Wesley hollered, “But she is WET AND COLD!”



Silly faces: