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hanging out with aunt Melissa

We had dinner with Melissa as she got into town for work–the kids had a great time, especially Mary, who ate her weight in Chinese appetizers.

Isn’t this hilarious?

I tried to get Mary to give Melissa a hug for a picture…this was the best she could do.

She wasn’t sure that she agreed with everything Melissa said…

…but she had a lot of fun.

So did Wesley (shown here chortling uncontrollably as Conor tickles his belly):


twenty years

I’ve been meaning to post these since we got back from Michigan a month ago.

This is from our trip to the zoo–my mom took this photo of Mary playing with the goats:

Mary at the zooMary at the zoo

and here is a picture of me and Melissa in 1989 at the same zoo. Please disregard our 80s hair.

zoo 1989

trip chronicle, episode 1

I have a TON of pictures from our trip, so I will not be posting them all tonight…but here are a few!

On Sunday, my mom invited family over to eat and visit. Here’s Julie, Grandpa M., and Wesley [note Wesley’s mischievous smirk!]:

From birthday and zoo

Nathan [Julie and Brian’s baby]:

From birthday and zoo

Wesley and Nathan:

From birthday and zoo

Nathan, Ed, and Wesley:

From birthday and zoo

Wesley with Sue [his godmother]:

From birthday and zoo

Asleep in the high chair:

From birthday and zoo

On Monday, we went to the zoo! My sister was home by then, so our party consisted of Melissa, Mom, me, Mary, and Wesley.

This was nearly Mary’s first stroller experience. She dug it.

From birthday and zoo

Mary on the tram to Wild Africa:

From birthday and zoo

Wesley and Mary even shared the stroller:

From birthday and zoo

We bought giraffe biscuits to feed the giraffes. It was awesome.

From birthday and zoo

Hello, giraffe!

From birthday and zoo

Giraffes kind of remind me of dinosaurs. Or aliens.

From birthday and zoo
From birthday and zoo

Mary got some ice cream.

From birthday and zoo
From birthday and zoo

By the time we got to the train ride, she was a little strung out:

From birthday and zoo

Sorry I don’t have almost any zoo pics of Wesley–he was in the baby carrier a lot of the time. My mom has pictures; I’ll steal some for my next blog post!

okay, so it took longer than a couple of days.

But here are some pictures from the trip!

Mary, eating an apple at the airport:

and unhappy on the airplane, trying to ignore the airplane by watching “Singin’ in the Rain”:

At my parents’ house, Mary explored many animals and outdoor activities–especially soccer and cats.

My two babies:
jake and mary

She hung out with aunt Melissa–here with Moses the cat:

Anna got in on the soccer action:

Mary hung out with Anna:
Mary and Anna

My children were held, hugged, and carried about by many relatives.

Eddie, Wesley, Nathan, and Julie:

Katie and Wesley (the manliness of his legwarmers was much maligned):

Sue and Wesley:
Sue and Wesley

Linda and Wesley–I find this giggly picture of Wesley heartstoppingly cute.
Linda and Wesley

Wesley and aunt Melissa:
Wesley and Melissa

We hung out with Linda and her fiance, Jacob, of whom I approve.
Linda and Jacob

Mary and Melissa colored eggs. Mary LOVED it. Look at the uncontrollable joy on her face. Obviously, she is too young to realize that coloring eggs is soul-suckingly boring. Melissa gets all kinds of auntly bonus points for realizing that Mary would love it.
egga 1

eggs 2

Sorry, Lis–apparently you’re not actually in any of these photos. She was there.
eggs 4

eggs 3

I got a haircut. It was much needed. Before:

before haircut


after haircut

Then, Mary got some weird fever-inducing virus. Then she gave it to me. Here she is–a sad puppy.
feverish Mary

She recovered to bake cookies with Grandma Cal:

cookies 2


When we got home, they were so glad to see Daddy. It was adorable.