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new space

Welcome to the new blog–same as the old blog, only better!


should I move my blog?

I’m contemplating a move to WordPress. I can import all of the stuff from this blog, so I wouldn’t lose anything…but will it be too confusing for my vast readership? If you have an opinion, let me know! I like WordPress but I don’t want to lose my readers.

Wednesday reading–T.C. Boyle

I’m reading “The Road to Wellville.” I’ve never read any T.C. Boyle but we have several–so I decided I should read one so that we would know whether or not to keep them. Anyway, I am almost done with it and I have really enjoyed it. Partly it’s the novelty of reading about Battle Creek (near my hometown) and partly it’s just that I like the writing. The story itself is nothing much but the style is great, and the characterization is skillful. There’s something kind of “White Noise”-like about it.

how you can tell Wesley is a second child

I was changing Mary’s diaper earlier and I didn’t have a free hand. I glanced over to make sure Wesley was okay and found that he was chewing on my shoe. I shrugged, thought, “Whatever,” and went back to changing the diaper.

I mean, after all, he’d already tasted the dirt. It’s not like he was going to get MORE dirt if he kept chewing on it.

video extravaganza

Here are a few videos that I have been sort of lazy about uploading. (Our laptop was ridiculously full–we finally got a hard drive to dump some stuff onto.) Anyway. Behold the cuteness.

Wesley, courting disaster by playing with Miss Crabby (Mary’s special most-loved toy):

Mary and Grandma Cal dancing–this is from my parents’ last visit, which was a long time ago (November?):

And this is quite recent–Mary dancing while Conor plays the song “A Quick One While He’s Away,” by The Who. Wesley looks on and occasionally interferes.

Another from the same night, showing off Wesley’s dancing–for some reason this is quite blurry. I’ll try to get another soon.

Mary says,

“Moses supposes his toeses are roses.”

they do look alike!

So I ran across this photo of Mary at almost exactly the age Wesley is now. Compare:



Funny how much Mary looks like a girl, though, and Wesley like a boy.