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Mike and Sandy’s visit pictures

I didn’t take very many pictures during this last visit–I was too busy trying to get writing done, I guess. But I do have a few!

Conor and Wesley in the van that Mike and Sandy rented (the kids loved this van–it was so novel):

Mary, Grandma Sandy, and a snake:

Mary, buttering her own bread at Mama Stella’s:

documentation: Wesley poses for Grandpa Mike:

Mary and Grandma chatting:

Grandpa and Wesley examining some kind of technological device (Mike’s phone?):

High excitement–trying out the lawnmowers outside of the hardware store:

Next time, I’ll try to take some decent photos. But at least there’s proof that they were here!


“Show me your skull face!”

Wesley has developed a hilarious scowl. He can’t say “scowl” and thinks it’s “skull” (even though I correct him), so Mary has taken to demanding to see his skull face. The other day she took a pic.


I love this so much because he’s trying to scowl but he’s laughing–and I thought Mary did a great job capturing the moment she wanted!


first book report

Mary’s assignment for tomorrow: write a three-sentence book report on a Dr. Seuss book (in honor of his birthday last week) and draw the cover. I didn’t post the picture she drew, because I am ignorant and didn’t know how to cover up her last name in the photo, but this is her summary, which I think is awesome:

weekend photos with Ted E. Bear

Mary’s class has a class bear, Ted. He goes home with a different kid every weekend. (Yes, this does make me think he must have a ton of germs on him–but he smells reassuringly of Lysol.) Anyway, Mary had him the first week of school and her turn just rolled around again. Ted has a journal, which he takes with him, and we’re supposed to add pictures and details about what they did over the weekend. Here are the pictures we took for Ted’s journal…

Friday was our friend Michael’s birthday. We were going out to dinner to celebrate, but first we stopped off at a music store to get his birthday present. Mary tested out a a drum set. (I, by the way, am a total sucker: if we had room for these, I’d let her have some.)

At the restaurant, Mary posed with Ted:

Wesley posed with Michael:

Wesley adores Michael and finds him hilarious.

The kids love going out and being social.

This picture only confirms my realization that Wesley looks more like his cousin Riley all the time. Peculiar. It’s like they’re just different colorways of the same design.

Conor took Mary to another birthday party on Saturday–this one for a classmate from her school. It was at a place with giant inflatable toys, including slides. She and Ted slid a lot, I’m told.

At church the next day, Wesley snuggled Ted. Doesn’t this make you long to give Wesley a cuddle? Seriously, what a sweetie.

They posed one more time at church with Ted:

I think he had a very busy, active weekend at our house. We discovered that he forgot his hat–what a sloppy packer he is. (Ted has a backpack full of clothes; there’s quite a wardrobe he’s accumulated over time.) Mary enjoyed changing his clothes, although she was a bit stymied by the fact that he hardly has any limbs to put in the arm- and leg-holes.