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back to school

Tomorrow is the first day of my new semester. I will never get over how much I *love* a new semester. I always have, from the time I was a freshman undergrad. Everything is nice and new: new students, new syllabus, new texts…and I haven’t forgotten anyone’s name yet or mislaid anyone’s paper.

Nothing like a blank new notebook and a roster full of students I haven’t yet met to make me happy.


something I was thinking about today

What would you do for a living if you hadn’t chosen what you did choose? (In other words, what are your backup ideas–or, indeed, future plans if you’re thinking of a change? I think it’s interesting to know what people have in the backs of their heads. What are your top five?

Here are mine (although they change pretty often, usually when I’m tired of trying to write my dissertation and daydreaming about a real job):
1. Editor (books or magazines, maybe)
2. Midwife or doula
3. Crossword puzzle writer (hey, Will Shortz makes a living at it)
4. Photographer
5. Book buyer for a little, intellectual bookstore (you know, the kind that doesn’t sell Dan Brown novels)

Tell me yours.