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conversation with a waking-up Mary

Mary just got up from her nap. We had the following conversation:

Me: Ready to get up?
M: I was dancing in the bed!
Me: really? You were dancing in your bed?
M: I was!
Me: Is that a silly place to dance?
M: Yes, it WAS!

[Wesley appears from dining room]
M: Wesley needs a new diaper!
Me: He does! I just got him out of his bed.
Mary: Wesley, you need a new diaper!
Wesley: NO!
Mary: Wesley, you NEED one!
Me: Yes, Wesley does need one.
Mary: Wesley’s too young to potty train!
Me: Yes, he’s too little to use the potty.
Wesley: NO!
Mary: Honey, you can’t say no! You need a diaper!
Me: Here, want me to change your diaper?
Wesley: NO!
Mary: You don’t get a choice! You can’t use the potty, so you need a diaper! Here! [thrusts diaper in his direction] I’ll get the wipes!

Apparently she has a firm grasp on reality, though perhaps not tact.


some recent sewing

A few things I’ve been meaning to post–some for me, some for a swap:

* A “Jenny” bag for me. This is not my favorite color scheme, but it’s made entirely from scraps [most of which came from a quilt I made for my grandparents years ago], and was therefore free! I love this pattern and will be making more of these now that I’ve figured out the kinks in the pattern.

Actually I like all of her patterns:

The wallet, which is handy but a little floppy, was just winged–no pattern.

From sns and garden
From sns and garden
From sns and garden

Just to see if you’re paying attention–here’s a funny picture of Mary wearing a funny outfit:

From sns and garden

I used to have this great denim skirt that I loved. Unfortunately I tore it all the way up the back and I am too lazy to mend it. So, instead, I turned it into a gardening apron [the pockets are just right for garden scissors or seed packets]:

From sns and garden

Cute little diaper cover/shorts for the kids [these are testers for a pattern that’s in development, which I’ll link to when it’s ready!]:

From sns and destash

And finally, a baby carrier for a swap. This is a podeagi, a traditional Asian-style carrier [the narrow-body variation]. Since it’s hard to get a good pic of a baby carrier like this, I borrowed Mary’s bear to model it.

From podeagi
From podeagi
From podeagi

what we got in the mail today

My swap package from my diaper swap partner came today!

She sent us two diapers–one of which Wesley immediately modeled. Cute, eh?

From swap modeling pics and garden
From swap modeling pics and garden

She also sent along a hat for Mary that her daughter has outgrown. Mary was delighted.

From swap modeling pics and garden
From swap modeling pics and garden

Now, a garden update. Everything is looking good! The peas, which didn’t seem to be coming up, have begun to sprout. The other things are flourishing.

Here’s my insanely lush herb planter:

From swap modeling pics and garden

One of my square foot beds–planted with a few snap peas, tomatoes, basil, and a row of mixed greens.

From swap modeling pics and garden

Overall shot of the garden–you can see the green onions growing on the left in a row [the one that needs weeding], a mound of cucumber, a row of beans, and a row of squash [yellow and patty pan]. Tomatoes in the front and serrano peppers!

From swap modeling pics and garden

I just tilled up another couple of rows’ worth of yard off to the side and we’re going to be adding cipollini onions and purple spring onions, plus more herbs and some broccolini. This is definitely the best garden I’ve had so far. Of course, last year I was hugely pregnant and couldn’t weed for more than 10 seconds without toppling over, purple in the face.

Yes, that’s right–your logic tells you correctly. Wesley is almost one.

spring is coming!

And we will be ready. We spent the afternoon gardening. I sowed some outdoor seeds (swiss chard, spinach, bunching onions, radishes, mixed greens, and snow peas), and some to start seedlings in trays (serrano peppers; Brandywine pink, Brandywine red, Yellow Marble, Delicious, and Cherokee Purple tomatoes; shasta daisies; and marigolds). We’re ready!

Here is our first sign that it’s time:

I had a lot of help.

Here are our newly-planted beds:

There was plenty of time to play.

But eventually Wesley decided he was tired and hungry.

One more reason to like nice weather: