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Finally–the last of the trip photos

It’s taken me a while to get around to posting these photos. It’s not because I don’t care that you’re being deprived of my kids’ ultimate adorableness; it’s because Wesley developed an illness that consisted of him puking copiously all over me at regular, though not frequent, intervals.

Anyway. On to the remaining photos [which are possibly the cutest ones].

We had a blue-and-white stripe apparel festival!

men with overalls:

Mary loves Grandma Cal’s bunny:

Now, the county fair!

Mary in the stroller that Grandma Cal bought for the occasion [this is, incidentally, the perfect stroller–substantial enough to be comfy, light enough to maneuver]:

Wesley and Grandpa Moo, checking things out at the draft horse arena:

Mary had a hot dog:

Wesley and Sue visited Tyler’s lambs, who were washed and jacketed for the show:

Mary watched the beef show [standing next to Grandma Cal]. She quickly figured out and copied the correct livestock-watching stance.

checking out the baby ducks–note the curliness of my hair and Wesley’s.


This is Daisy. And George.

…our companions for the past week [we were dog-sitting].

From luke and elaine's

On the left: Daisy. She is a very sweet dog. She is not, however, the world’s smartest animal. On our first night at her house, we woke at 4 a.m. to the sounds of crinkling and thumping. When I went downstairs to investigate, I found Daisy careening around the kitchen with a potato chip bag stuck on her head, bumping into the cabinets.

On the right: George. George is a more sedate dog than Daisy as a rule, except that all other dogs are Mortal Enemies and Must Be Devoured. This makes walks with George very interesting [and something of an upper body workout–although he makes up for it by pulling you along so that the walking itself is no work at all].

George was sad that his owners were gone.

From luke and elaine's

Daisy, by contrast, didn’t even notice. By about day three, they were both following me around and acting obsequious–I assume that is because I was in charge of their food and walks.

They were great with the kids [which is a good thing because Daisy was on thin ice after she ate 2/3 of a jar of peanut butter in the middle of the night–how is it possible that she can’t get her head out of a potato chip bag, but she can open a jar of peanut butter?]. Mary and Wesley both loved them, as you can see from this jumble o’ kids and dogs [please ignore the fact that I am making a face like a war refugee–it had been a long day]:

From luke and elaine's
From luke and elaine's

Wesley was also obsessed with Nemo, the misanthropic cat–we tried to get him to leave Nemo alone, but there was no telling him what to do. [Yes, it’s true. My response to “Hey, Wesley’s poking an animal who doesn’t like to be poked and has teeth and claws–better get the camera!”]

From luke and elaine's

“I will catch you yet, Nemo my nemesis!”

From luke and elaine's

A few other photos:

Wesley, looking like Conor in his bleariest moments:

From luke and elaine's

And more awake later:

From luke and elaine's

And possessively caressing Mary’s bottle while drinking his own:

From luke and elaine's

Mary modeling the hat I made her [it is a birthday present; luckily, by September she will have forgotten that it exists]:

From luke and elaine's

Mary, at the beach, looking very focused and yet out of focus:

From luke and elaine's

garden bounty!

From luke and elaine's

And, finally, home again–Wesley says, “At last! Home sweet porch!”

From luke and elaine's