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fake spring

It’s been ridiculously warm and (often) sunny here, considering that it’s still early March. The kids are loving it.

Mary’s getting some definite tricycle skills.

Wesley’s been checking out the plants.

These flowers have been hornswoggled. (Mary took this picture.)

Here, Wesley shows his close relationship to aunt Melissa and aunt Cherie:


Why is his face always so dirty?


And one bonus pic of Mary snuggling with Conor:


strawberry picking!

On Saturday, we took the kids to a local farm to pick strawberries.

Conor showed Mary how to find ones that were red all the way to the end.

She was delighted to find them.

I think Wesley was irritated when I asked him to stop and let me take a photo.

…because then he wandered off.

She found one!


Taking a rest after we finished up:

Showing off their beautiful berries:

The farm also had a sand pile with lots of toys!

When we got home, I made a rhubarb-strawberry custard pie–the kids approved.

And then a batch of jam–six half-pints plus a bit left over is just about enough to get us through the winter (or perhaps I should say, to get Mary through occasional PB&J phases for her school lunches):

gardening: commence!

We’ve had a week or so of cold, crummy, wet weather, but says it’s over…and I’m ready to gamble that we’re done with frost!

What’s in the garden so far:

* the strawberries Mary planted last year–they’re popping out and looking springy.

* lettuce.

* radishes

* carrots

* peas and leeks, neither of which have germinated yet; I hope they are going to do SOMEthing.

* Brussels sprouts, which weathered the cold week just fine.


I’m excited to put in a few more things this coming week, including some herbs in our big porch planter. The kids love having something planted there to water with the watering can!

signs of spring

* students in no shirts, half-shirts, bikini tops, or tube tops playing Frisbee

* tomato plants getting their true leaves

* waking up when it’s light outside AND having light to play in after naptime, all in the same day

* baskets of Easter candy to be meted out one egg at a time for a month or two


Mary playing in the water from the hose and shrieking like crazy–while Wesley watches her, horrified, and yells, “She getting wet!”

I think he’ll get it eventually.

overdue pics

So, here are a couple of “before” photos of Wesley’s previous hair:

…and after.

Yes, he is dressed like a punk. This jacket belonged to one of his cousins–Jack, Riley, or both–and he is madly in love with it and asks to wear it all the time.

I believe, in that photo, that he has successfully vanquished Mary.

In this one, he is poking the car with a stick. No, I don’t know why.

Lest you think I am neglecting MaryBear–here she is at the playground.

…and making a serious face (ignore the speckles of blueberry applesauce under her eye):


She got tired.

and she got dirty.

And she got sucked into a life of crime.

gray day, sunny pics

It’s not so nice out today…so here are some recent sunshiny pics to brighten it up a little.

We went outside and played. Wesley got to hang out in the exersaucer, which he adores.

From summery pics–April 4 2009

Mary had a great time picking flowers and forcing me to smell them.

From summery pics–April 4 2009
From summery pics–April 4 2009
From summery pics–April 4 2009
From summery pics–April 4 2009

She danced for Wesley’s amusement.

From summery pics–April 4 2009

He was perturbed.

From summery pics–April 4 2009

We checked out the garden’s progress.

From summery pics–April 4 2009

spring is coming!

And we will be ready. We spent the afternoon gardening. I sowed some outdoor seeds (swiss chard, spinach, bunching onions, radishes, mixed greens, and snow peas), and some to start seedlings in trays (serrano peppers; Brandywine pink, Brandywine red, Yellow Marble, Delicious, and Cherokee Purple tomatoes; shasta daisies; and marigolds). We’re ready!

Here is our first sign that it’s time:

I had a lot of help.

Here are our newly-planted beds:

There was plenty of time to play.

But eventually Wesley decided he was tired and hungry.

One more reason to like nice weather: