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pumpkin picking!

We got our pumpkins this past weekend–the kids love picking out pumpkins.

The patch we visited had a bunch of cool stuff, including this straw sculpture:

…and a pumpkin house.

Mary picked out her pumpkin in about six seconds. She is very decisive.

Wesley, on the other hand, seemed overwhelmed by all of the choices…

Mary provided helpful advice. Lots and lots of helpful advice.

Eventually the pumpkins were all chosen. (Not pictured: my traditional Cinderella pumpkin–I don’t like carving pumpkins so I always get one of those pretty ones that isn’t good for carving.)

One of these, I mean:

We saw this happy little bee in the market:

Now we’re ready for Halloween, Wesley told me. Except for that bit about finishing their costumes.


Easter eggs

We colored eggs this afternoon (well, most of us: Wesley boycotted the whole process).

Mary was pretty serious about drawing on the eggs.

“Vibrant” colors indeed.

Conor demonstrated some egg-dyeing tips.

Mary’s favorite egg:

Waiting for eggs: BORING.

Please ignore his grubby little fingernails.

Happy Mary (egg-coloring is exactly her sort of activity).

kid pic: Thanksgiving dinner

Mary took this with Conor’s phone:

Operation 4th of July: Abort! Abort! Return to base!

So last year we tried to go to see the fireworks but Mary was too scared to watch them–as soon as they began, she wailed until we took her home.

It turns out that she has not yet outgrown this fear–we went to watch the fireworks from a discreet distance, so that it would be quieter, but again she began panicking as soon as they started and we had to come home and watch the fireworks downtown on TV instead. Mary summed up her feelings: “I like to see fireworks but only on pictures or on TV. When I am grown up I think I will like to see them for real. But not right now.”

happy Mother’s Day to me!

Today was Mother’s Day [observed] in our household, as tomorrow is going to be very busy, with Mass, an outing with Grandma, and a visitation for a friend in the evening. It was  a lovely day.

I got up earlyish and got my papers graded, which does not sound exciting, but the fact that they are done is very satisfying.  I have concluded that about 1/3 of my students have turned on CommaHelper 2.0 in MS Word, which inserts a comma after every fifth word regardless of any other considerations, but other than that, they’re doing well.

When everyone else got up, I opened my Mother’s Day presents. I love presents. Mary gave me a watch–the clip-on kind, for my keychain. [Did you know this little-known fact about me?: I can’t wear wristwatches because they die. A jeweler once told me this is true of a small proportion of the population because the electrical impulses in their synapses are slightly different and kill the watch. True? No idea.] Anyway, I have wanted a pocketwatch or clip-style watch for ages, and Mary helped pick out this one for me.

Wesley provided me with chocolate caramels with sea salt from Wockenfuss–definitely the best confections that have ever been created–and Conor gave me an alarm clock: the kind I always wanted! I had one sort of like this years ago, when he was working for Restoration Hardware, but it eventually stopped keeping time, which is presumably what happens when one buys a timepiece from Restoration Hardware because it’s cute. Anyway, isn’t this adorable?

Then we went to rent a movie, did our Costco run, and went out to lunch; when we came back, we all took a nap [heaven–I love weekend family naps, but we’ve missed them several weekends in a row]. And then Conor made coq au vin for supper while the kids and I watched “Singin’ in the Rain” and I calculated grades.  We watched “Fantastic Mr. Fox,” had a yummy fruit dessert with homemade whipped cream, gave the kids baths, and now I’m getting ready for bed after spending the whole day being spoiled.

Anyway, so…happy Mother’s Day to me, and to all of the moms in my reading public. If you’re MY mother or mother-in-law, an extra-special happy Mother’s Day, and sorry your card is still sitting on the counter.

moooooore pictures!

We visited some friends–Conor’s pal Ryan and his wife Jill (and their son, Noah), and Ryan’s parents, Marc and Janie. Noah is about Wesley’s age, give or take, so the kids had a great time. (They particularly enjoy hogging someone else’s toys.)

Wesley and Noah:

Noah and Jill…and Wesley hatching some kind of plan in the corner:

They loved Noah’s rocking horse.

Noah and Jill:

Wesley was also very interested in this ball:

Noah and Ryan:

Then we went sledding (well…I only actually went down the hill once, as I am an idiot and traveled to Michigan in January with only my Crocs for shoes).

Marc got Conor and Wesley ready to go:

…and added Mary.

Mary watched, between turns:

Noah and Janie:

family pic…..

…and sibling pic:

…and family pic!

New Year’s resolutions: let’s be realistic here.

So, here’s my original list of New Year’s goals:
* finish my dissertation
* play with each kid individually every day
* work out 4-5 days a week
* meal plan every week and plan healthy meals
* clean out the basement

Upon reflection, I think these need a little bit of revision. Here’s what I’m thinking now, on day 5:

* write at least ten words a day [at that rate, I will be finished in a short 150 years or so].
* Prevent kids from climbing out of upstairs windows or coloring one another orange more often than once per week.
* Take the stairs. At home. Where there is no elevator.
* Feed my family at least once a day. At least once a week, this meal should not be goldfish crackers and raisins.
* Learn self-hypnosis so that I can pretend the basement doesn’t exist. [Even when I go down there to do laundry–hypnosis is amazing stuff, I’m told.]