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Public Service Announcement

“Infer” means “deduce,” “guess,” or “conclude.”

“Imply” means “hint,” “insinuate,” or “suggest.”

Thank you for your attention to this matter.



We took a few pics the other day–I thought the kids were being especially adorable.

Here’s Mary in her “dance outfit.” She loves this leotard. She loves her dance class. She loves everything related, even vaguely, to dancing.


Here is the place that Wesley spends a lot of his time: right behind the threshold of the door. He wants to be on the porch, but he’s timid by nature. So, he stands there for a long time before stepping over.

They love bananas.


I love it that they’re really big enough to play together now.

I think Mary saw a bug.

We waited for Conor to drive by [on his way out of the driveway to go to work] so that the kids could wave to him.


Then we waved!

Then Mary watched wistfully and said, “Daddy’s going to work.”

We visited the garden.


Mary tried to look innocent [“Who, me? I’m not going to the neighbors’ yard.”] but succeeded only in looking severe.


funny conversation

Conor: You should ask those women on your message board what we can do with these old junk CDs.
Me [looking it up]: Well, we could use them to make a disco ball.

Long pause.

Conor: Well, fair enough. I guess I did ask.

open letter to my children

Here is some life-changing, inspirational advice that you can treasure for the rest of your lives:

* paper is not food.

* hitting your sibling’s hair counts as hitting your sibling.

* the CDs are still not yours.

* unless you are housebroken, leave your diaper on.

* it is an excellent idea to cough into your elbow instead of your hand; however, I’d prefer you not cough into MY elbow.

* my shoes do not fit you.

fall is coming

So we’re soaking up what summer is left.

From fall is coming…
From fall is coming…
From fall is coming…
From fall is coming…

This is a baby watermelon. That’s Mary’s hand–that’s how small it is.

From fall is coming…
From fall is coming…
From fall is coming…
From fall is coming…
From fall is coming…

some belated Labor Day pics

I have really done a poor job of getting stuff posted! Here are a ouple of pictures from Labor Day–Sean and Ginger brought over Mackenzie, who is a couple of weeks younger than Wesley, for lunch and novel toys. We ate Pioneer Woman’s Asian noodle salad (which is absolutely fantastic, by the way) and peach crisp and tamale pie. All were happy.

Ginger and Mackenzie (who Mary calls “baby Kenzie”):

Wesley had a great fear that Mackenzie might come steal his watermelon and tried to protect it at all costs:

Smiley Mackenzie:

Mary thought Mackenzie was pretty funny.

Eventually Mackenzie got tired, so Sean and Ginger took her home. Conor and Wesley played some guitar on the porch:
CW guitar

while Mary danced:



twenty years

I’ve been meaning to post these since we got back from Michigan a month ago.

This is from our trip to the zoo–my mom took this photo of Mary playing with the goats:

Mary at the zooMary at the zoo

and here is a picture of me and Melissa in 1989 at the same zoo. Please disregard our 80s hair.

zoo 1989