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Wesley is so big.

When we visited Michigan, less than a month ago, Wesley only said a few words–“mama,” “dada” [kind of], “Mary” [“May-ee”],”bottle,” and “go.” Sometimes “no.” Which means both “no” and “yes.”


His vocabulary, in the last couple of weeks, has just exploded. Things he has said include: “string cheese” [one of his favorite phrases], “ready get up,” “pick up,” “snuggle,” “give me,” “these,” “book,” “go bed,” “water,” “drink,” “some,” and “monkey.” Oh, and “thank you,” which he said when I gave him a piece of string cheese.  He’s also started helping me unload the silverware from the dishwasher; he takes out the forks and spoons and whatnot one at a time and hands them to me, and then he grins when I say “Thank you!” He is fearless riding the little  dolphin-on-a-spring toy at the playground and is really good at balancing on it. I just can’t get over how much he’s changed in the last month–walking, talking. 


Mary is impressed by it, too. She said, “Wesley learning to talk?” I agreed that he was, and she said, “That’s so cute!”


Wesley can understand English!

We have solid proof!

Last night I said, “Wave to Daddy!” and he did, even though I wasn’t looking at Conor or waving.

Then this morning I said, “Can you wave to Mary?” and he did!

It’s so exciting when they can really follow what you say.

Also he is jabbering like crazy and it’s hilarious. He’s in a mimicking phase, too–put your arms up in the air and he puts his up. Roar at him and he roars back.

Dear Mary,

the special treat I made is called a cupcake.

Not a buttcake.

conversation this afternoon

Me: Mary, do not even THINK about throwing that J at your brother.
Mary: No throw at Wesley.
Me: That’s right.
Mary [flinging a foam letter at Wesley’s head]: Bad me!

a few things

1) Mary’s latest new song is “Singin’ in the Rain” and she has taken to singing it while wiggling her butt and waving her arms in the air exactly like a drunk sorority girl. I fear for the future.

2) I record for you, verbatim, her side of a “phone call” placed on a toy phone this afternoon.

“Hi. Is zis Conor? I eat an egg. New diaper. Is zis Conor? Have good day. Is zis Conor?”

long pause

“Wessy cry. He’s sleepy-tired. I know! I know!”

hysterical laughter

“Well, have a good day, honey.”

3) Wesley is passionately in love with Mary’s doll (which my friend E.V. made and sent to her). When Mary lets the doll within his reach, he immediately does whatever he can do to get to her–rolls over, scootches along the floor, etc. I think he believes she is the sanest person in this house.