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crisis of conscience

Last week, I went around the house gathering trash to take out for pickup.

I got the bag from Mary’s diaper pail.

I got the bag from her changing table downstairs.

I got the bag from the upstairs bathroom.

I looked at them, lined up by the door–95% of our garbage is diapers.

And I thought, “We have to switch to cloth. This is horrible.”

So we’re going to. But I discovered, upon a little investigation, that there are 49,000 kinds of cloth diapers. There are flat, fitted, prefold, pocket, all-in-one. There are wool, cotton, polyester, plastic. It’s ridiculous. And the worst part?

The names.

The brand names of diapers are awful. A small selection: FuzziBunz, Happy Heinies, Kissaluvs, Bella Butt. Seriously. How am I supposed to shop for something with names like that? “I’d like four Happy Heinies, please”?

Today’s adventure is that I realized that diaper covers are very simple but very expensive. So I’m making my own. In theory. But I can’t get my sewing machine to work. I’ve never had a problem with it, but I almost never use it; I quilt by hand. It’s been probably a year since I’ve used it. For some reason it doesn’t seem to be picking up the bobbin thread, which means, no stitches. I’m annoyed by this because I’m all ready to go otherwise. I cut out the pieces and everything. Stupid technology. Obviously this means I need a new one.


behind on the gardening already?

This morning was excellent: productive meeting on campus. Very! So I felt justified in coming home to work on my garden. But then I decided to stop by Whole Foods, since I was fairly close to it. (We bought Greek cheese.) Then I thought, well, I’m close to Country Boy–I bet that’s the best place to buy garden soil to mix with my clay. Then I realized, hey, we’re right down the street from Second Story. Better stop in and say hi to Conor. So we did. And then we went to lunch with him. And when I finally got home, Mary said, “no way are we gardening. Put me in my crib! And feed me!” So now I’m waiting for her to wake up from her nap so that we can go out and work on the garden. It’s only 6:00, right?

think it’s spring?

Last night Mary and I drove to Rockville to meet up with Conor and go out to Gaithersburg with some of Conor’s co-workers. We had a nice, albeit waitstaff-deficient, meal and some entertainment:

Then we came home and had some more entertainment:

It was a nice night. Mary enjoyed herself and chewed on a lemon. Strangely enough, she seemed to like it. Must be Conor’s influence showing itself.

why I’m dumb

I worked all week to finish up a draft of a paper, so that I could go over to campus today and take it around and distribute it to any professor on my committee who might be willing to read it and give me comments. I know that three of the people on my committee all teach Tuesday-Thursday, plus another professor that I’d like to meet (he’s teaching some really interesting books this semester–so I thought I might stop by and introduce myself).

So I busted ass all week to get my draft ready, got up this morning, packed up Mary, and went to campus.

Everything looked sort of deserted.

Because it’s spring break.

interview report

The interview went really well! The interviewer said I probably wouldn’t hear either way for three weeks, though. Three! I guess I’d better just attempt to forget about it for the time being. Mary seems to be helping in that campaign today. When I got home, all three of us took a nap (Conor’s off work today, working Tues-Sat). Mary woke up first and decided to wake up Conor and me by walloping us, in alternate turns, with Sophie the rubber giraffe.

a few items

* David and Nina’s baby was born this afternoon–so Mary now has THREE cousins. The newest is named Riley Robert, and he weighed what most babies weigh. 8 pounds something.

* The other night, Conor said, “Do you know what today is?” I said, “Um…Wednesday?” He then pointed out that it was the seven-year anniversary of when we started dating. Seven! He even bought me a present: Casino Royale, which is just out on DVD. I love it. I’ve already watched it twice (including Wednesday night, when we stayed up far too late watching it). Daniel Craig is the ur-Bond.

* I just read a book called “The Mustache,” by Emmanuel Carrere. The premise? A man who has always had a mustache decides, on a whim, to shave it off. His wife doesn’t even mention it, nor do his friends. When he asks them about it, everyone denies that he ever did have a mustache. (It’s French, of course.)

In which I divert you from the fact that I have nothing to say by posting cute pictures

Told you the house looks pretty good right now. Pay no attention to the box of packing material.

Here is an array of Mary photos. She crawled today! I’m torn between being proud and horrified.