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So, we’ve had a couple of outings in the last week–last Friday, I took Mary to school with me. She loves coming to school, and now that she’s old enough to sit quietly during my classes, I figure it’s good and educational for her!

She also liked my office:

She walked a long, long way (all the way from the parking lot to my classroom and back to my office). She looked very grown-up with her backpack and her jeans.

Then, on Tuesday, I took the kids downtown to the Natural History museum.

Mary AGAIN looked very grown-up, taking pictures:

We saw dinosaur bones.

Wesley identified this–when I said, “What kind of dinosaur do you think this is?”–as “A BIG SCARY dinosaur that wants to eat me!”

We paused for refreshment.

We checked out the nature photography…and Mary was menaced by a crab. (Wesley is shouting, “There’s a crab on you, Mary! A crab gonna get you!”)

Kids in the termite hill!

Mary took this pic of Wesley and me. He was a very big boy and walked almost the whole way (which is  a LOT for someone his size!).

Afterward, we met up for lunch with Daddy–he picked us up at the train. Wesley loved his lunch:

Successful trips, both–now that the dissertation is out to the committee I have a little more time, so we’re making up for a semester of benign neglect!


summer is here!

I can tell, because Wesley’s hair is curly again. And the kids’ wading pool is filled.

Also, the garden is waking up.

Radishes–probably almost ready to eat!

Strawberry plants starting to set fruit:

and the last of the porch plants, waiting their moment to move to the garden. We’re trying artichokes this year, but I have no idea how likely they are to thrive here.

latest knitted object

Mary wanted a “Spiderman sweater.” So we found Spiderman-colored yarn and she got this: 

It’s the child’s pinwheel sweater by Shelley Mackie (I’d link to it, but you have to sign up on Elann’s website to view the pattern). I seem to have gone a bit small on this one, so it’s more like a shrug…but she loves it!

(Note her strawberry plants, coming back from last year–she’s fascinated.)

news flash

Since I now officially have zero time, I hereby cut and paste from my e-mail to my mother.

I finally have a dissertation defense date: May 3, 3:30 p.m.

Should be an interesting month…


gardening: commence!

We’ve had a week or so of cold, crummy, wet weather, but says it’s over…and I’m ready to gamble that we’re done with frost!

What’s in the garden so far:

* the strawberries Mary planted last year–they’re popping out and looking springy.

* lettuce.

* radishes

* carrots

* peas and leeks, neither of which have germinated yet; I hope they are going to do SOMEthing.

* Brussels sprouts, which weathered the cold week just fine.


I’m excited to put in a few more things this coming week, including some herbs in our big porch planter. The kids love having something planted there to water with the watering can!