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he’s totally asleep

Wesley’s in bed, talking to himself. 

He just said, “I am a snake! I am so funny! Wocka wocka wocka!” 

I think buying the Muppet movie soundtrack was probably a mistake.


good grief!

This evening, I decided it was time to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special. Conor had pointed out to me that it was available on Hulu, so I went to the trouble of hooking up the laptop to the TV and everything to watch it.

It’s suddenly clear to me how little TV we watch. (We watch a lot of movies, and for that matter TV shows on DVD–but very little TV that’s actually on TV, if that makes sense.) Every time there was a commercial, the kids freaked out. “Mama, it’s BROKEN! Who is that? Why is that guy standing on a table? WHAT HAPPENED TO SNOOPY?”

They were also pretty alarmed by how mean the other kids are to Charlie Brown. I had forgotten that somehow. Every time one of them used the word “stupid,” there was a chorus of “That’s so mean! That’s a very mean word!” from the kids.

I’m not sure the viewing was quite a success. ha.