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strawberry picking!

We went strawberry picking on Saturday–Mary took some pictures.

Getting started:






Looking for a good spot to pick:



Mama picking berries:



Conor took this one:



the rest of the family:



Finally–last but not least–the chickens.


Mary’s favorite thing to take pictures of

So, as you may recall, Mary got a camera for Christmas. So far, her favorite subject–bar none–is her “yucky pumpkins” from Halloween.

We put them in the garden so that the kids could watch them break down into compost. (We have a compost heap, but we figured they’d actually be able to watch the process with the pumpkins.) Mary has taken pictures of them off and on and now she’s delighted that they’re “almost dirt!”

November 19: “Ooh, they’re really getting yucky.”

November 23: “These look almost the same. But a little more yucky.”


November 26: “They’re squishing down like balloons with the air out!”

December 1: “Parts of these aren’t orange anymore.”


January 12: “They’re ALMOST DIRT!”


Anyway, I just wanted to make sure that Mom knew Mary was putting her Christmas gift to good use–ha. She has taken other photos too, but these are her favorites.

merry Christmas to me!

So, David and Nina gave me this lovely yarn for Christmas:

It’s from a local farm in Colorado.

I decided that its fate was to become a pair of fingerless gloves, so I dug up the Fetching pattern from Knitty.

I finished the second one last night. I had to rip back the last rows of the first one, because I decided I still don’t like that picot bind-off; it looks sloppy–at least when I do it–and it makes the glove too loose around the knuckle. I did a few extra rows instead, with a decrease to make them tighter around the knuckles, and I like them a lot! Mary obligingly took a modeling photo:

Mary’s Christmas present

My parents gave Mary her own camera for Christmas–so exciting. Here’s a selection of the first pictures she took.

Grandma and Mama:

The last flower of the year:

Squishy pumpkins (ew):

Grandma and Mama (Mary’s vantage point makes us look very tall!):


So, we’ve had a couple of outings in the last week–last Friday, I took Mary to school with me. She loves coming to school, and now that she’s old enough to sit quietly during my classes, I figure it’s good and educational for her!

She also liked my office:

She walked a long, long way (all the way from the parking lot to my classroom and back to my office). She looked very grown-up with her backpack and her jeans.

Then, on Tuesday, I took the kids downtown to the Natural History museum.

Mary AGAIN looked very grown-up, taking pictures:

We saw dinosaur bones.

Wesley identified this–when I said, “What kind of dinosaur do you think this is?”–as “A BIG SCARY dinosaur that wants to eat me!”

We paused for refreshment.

We checked out the nature photography…and Mary was menaced by a crab. (Wesley is shouting, “There’s a crab on you, Mary! A crab gonna get you!”)

Kids in the termite hill!

Mary took this pic of Wesley and me. He was a very big boy and walked almost the whole way (which is  a LOT for someone his size!).

Afterward, we met up for lunch with Daddy–he picked us up at the train. Wesley loved his lunch:

Successful trips, both–now that the dissertation is out to the committee I have a little more time, so we’re making up for a semester of benign neglect!

“Show me your skull face!”

Wesley has developed a hilarious scowl. He can’t say “scowl” and thinks it’s “skull” (even though I correct him), so Mary has taken to demanding to see his skull face. The other day she took a pic.


I love this so much because he’s trying to scowl but he’s laughing–and I thought Mary did a great job capturing the moment she wanted!


kids’ pics: trip to DC

We went downtown to the Air and Space Museum and the Botanical Gardens on MLK Day, since Conor and Mary both had the day off. Mary took a few pictures. I think she’s a budding photographer!

Wesley wasn’t really cooperating for this one:

Tip of a rocket!


Space thing–I’m not sure exactly what this is.

…and one of Mama and Daddy. I asked her to take one for me since usually I can’t get pics of Conor and me together. She did a great job.