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some more snow pictures

Snow is melting…we’re about to get more….and I haven’t posted the last pictures yet! Here are a few more pics from our snow.

Little Mary in the Big Snow.


Mary had to pause to take an important call.

Mary told Conor that she was cooking. From her cookbook.

Hmm. No pictures of Wesley in this post. This is at least partly because he hates snow. Hates it. That’s my boy.

One final pic: I asked Mary to pick ONE recipe from the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook to make this week. I put a marker in before the desserts and told her that she should pick something before that–a real food, not a dessert.

She then picked…cinnamon rolls.

They were really good, in an excessive, sweet, gooey kind of way. When they were gone, I found this:

Mary is getting so old! She just notified me (after drawing a “w”) that “w” stands for “wiggle,” “Wesley,” and “water.”



So, we ventured out in a small and tentative way—Conor went and dug out the Cavalier, which he had the foresight to park at the end of the drive, while I took the kids out to the back porch to play in the snow. There was about a foot of snow on the porch–more in the drifts, less in the protected places. Mary was into it. Wesley…not so much:

Climbing on a drift–luckily she wasn’t heavy enough to really break through:

“You want me to do WHAT with the snow?”

Snow all over the bushes–this is why there are downed trees all over the area:

Conor, industriously shoveling out the car:

Mary doesn’t want to go inside. Note the adorable hand-knit hat–I love how it turned out.

Conor drove around the block; he said that one side of our house toward town is pretty clear, the other direction not so much. I expect I’ll be able to get to the university tomorrow. But there will still be enough snow for the kids to play in if they’re brave enough to go out in it again. We came in and did a workout DVD to try to burn off some energy before their naps–Wesley is strangely good at the Cardio Cabaret burlesque workout.

moooooore pictures!

We visited some friends–Conor’s pal Ryan and his wife Jill (and their son, Noah), and Ryan’s parents, Marc and Janie. Noah is about Wesley’s age, give or take, so the kids had a great time. (They particularly enjoy hogging someone else’s toys.)

Wesley and Noah:

Noah and Jill…and Wesley hatching some kind of plan in the corner:

They loved Noah’s rocking horse.

Noah and Jill:

Wesley was also very interested in this ball:

Noah and Ryan:

Then we went sledding (well…I only actually went down the hill once, as I am an idiot and traveled to Michigan in January with only my Crocs for shoes).

Marc got Conor and Wesley ready to go:

…and added Mary.

Mary watched, between turns:

Noah and Janie:

family pic…..

…and sibling pic:

…and family pic!

snow? and a couple of questions

We’re supposed to get 5-11 inches of snow. (That, by the way, strikes me as a ridiculous number. Somewhere between 5 and 11? That’s like saying, “Kind of a lot.”) I will believe it when I see it–although it is true that when we get snow here it is almost always in March.

Anyway, a couple of things have been bugging me that I have seen a lot since we moved to this area–both of them car-related. Well, auto-related.

For some reason, a lot of people here have decals on the backs of their vehicles that say, for example, “In Loving Memory of Papa–June 6, 1944-February 8, 2001.” Or whatever. The point is, the car is supposed to be some kind of a rolling memorial to a loved one. While I guess bereavement is one of those situations where you do whatever floats your boat, I can’t imagine wanting to be remembered via, say, a 1994 GMC van. (I would prefer, just in case anyone wants to get on this while I am still alive to appreciate it, a marble obelisk–possibly with a flame at the top. You know, something classy.)

The other, semi-related thing that has been bothering me is this: Many trucks in this area have religious proclamations across the back. I don’t mean pickup trucks. I mean big trucks. Semis. Dump trucks. Cement mixers. What moves a person to paint or sticker “Jesus Is My Savior and He Can Be Yours Too!” or “God Loves Me” across the back of a dump truck? (The answer to this rhetorical question is obvious, I guess–religious zeal–but seriously, is that what the Almighty is likely to want anyway?)

So far I like WordPress. I’ll like it more if I can figure out how to move/change the “greenepiece” at the top so that it no longer makes me look horribly disfigured.