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I guess this is why my kids go to this school.

At the PTA meeting last night, a parent left her purse locked in her car. The window was smashed, the purse stolen.

The woman running the meeting came back to the microphone to explain what had happened, and she said (after warning us to be conscious of our surroundings and bring in our valuables or lock them in the trunk):

“I’m sorry this happened. But you know, it’s the holidays; it’s getting cold; lots of people are out of work. They’re getting desperate and they have families to feed. It doesn’t make it right, of course, but let’s say a prayer for the safety of our own community here and for the people who don’t feel they have any other choice, that they can also find the things they need and be taken care of.”

So, that’s why my kids go to school there. Because compassion and understanding even for the people who are strangers and who are scary to us does matter. I thought it was a striking, interesting response.


progress report

Conor went to conferences today for both kids–both of them are enjoying school.

Both teachers reported that they are very hard workers and respectful to others, which I was delighted to hear.

Mary’s doing well in all of her subjects, especially reading; she’s working on taking criticism a bit more constructively, but I’m sure she’ll get there, since she does a good job of that at dance class. She is reading Treasure Island (abridged, I assume?) and is always nice, respectful, and patient with her classmates.

Wesley is learning very quickly about things like coloring and math. He knows all of his letters and sounds. I think his biggest learning curve has been social, and his teachers said that he was very quiet and withdrawn at first, but now he plays with the other kids and has lots of friends, so that’s good. They also remarked that he has excellent speech and that they enjoy being able to have real conversations with him, which I suspect is also something that he has improved over the semester, since he was shy with them at first.

So, overall, school’s going great and they both like their teachers very much!

almost like an entry from the Pillow Book…

Mary and Wesley were just listing things that annoy them.
Things That Annoy Mary:

* When you’re going to have a dance thing and then it’s canceled because of bad weather, especially when it’s for charity.

* Stinkbugs.

* Containers that leak.

* Being interrupted when you are talking.

* The time Daddy took us to Kentucky Fried Chicken and I ordered macaroni and cheese and it was disgusting.
Things That Annoy Wesley:

* Power outages.

* Very loud sounds.

* a T. Rex.

* When you can’t find the book you want.

* When you go to bed and you’re not even tired, but then you wake up and you ARE tired.