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a wise old sage

Mary has been cracking me up recently with her philosophical remarks.

The other night, she called to talk to my parents. I could only hear her end of the conversation, but it sounded like this:

“I miss you too!”

“Yeah, because we don’t live close by.”

“I know, but that’s just the way life is.”


A few minutes ago, Wesley asked me if his piece of turkey looked like a ghost (?) and I agreed that it did.

He took it over to show it to her, and said, “Look! Doesn’t this look like a ghost?”

She said, “Not really–it just looks like turkey.”

He said, “Mama said I was right and it does look like a ghost!”

She said, “Well, you know, sometimes people have different opinions about things. Especially things that are not facts.”


Things that are not facts–I love it.



So, I got each of the kids a Very Special Present: a little scrub brush, a tea towel, and a spray bottle of water.

They have been happily scrubbing everything I let them scrub for about an hour and a half now. The front of the refrigerator is spotless; the trim all around the kitchen from kid-level down is gleaming; and Mary is cleaning the bathtub.

This may be my finest parenting moment.