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a duet–video


we had a busy afternoon

And by the end of our errands, this is how Mary looked:

she’s stickin’ to the union

Conor found this cd:

Ella Jenkins and a Union of Friends

at work, and brought it home. I love it. It’s subversive protest music…you know, for kids!

There is almost nothing that warms my Marxist heart like seeing Mary dancing to “Solidarity Forever.” Sooooo cute.


So, yay for the Coens. And also for the screenplay for “Juno.”

But I just wanted to register publicly that Amy Ryan was totally ROBBED. Honestly, Tilda Swinton? Did the Academy even see that movie?

sometimes I wish we had a dog

to eat the goldfish crackers that Mary strews in her wake. Seriously, I know she eats some, but you wouldn’t know it to look around. Mostly she drops them, then jumps on them. Or steps on them. Or picks them up three days later and says, “More?” while looking at me like I’ve been depriving her of crackers, when really she had fresh ones that morning.

I am trying to work on my dissertation today but she doesn’t want to nap. Instead she wants me to play. So I type a sentence, then I wind up her airplane toy and put it down for her to chase. She brings it back and stands there waiting while I type another sentence, then I wind it up and put it down. Et cetera. It’s not really that productive, in case you’re wondering.

another video insight into our lives

Here’s Mary eating dinner. Well, she really is done eating by the time the video begins, I guess. Note, though–at the end–her craning her neck to see if Conor’s getting her anything else to eat.

I am a nerd

I NEED to make this:

(And if you don’t watch Dr Who you should start.)