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a wise old sage

Mary has been cracking me up recently with her philosophical remarks.

The other night, she called to talk to my parents. I could only hear her end of the conversation, but it sounded like this:

“I miss you too!”

“Yeah, because we don’t live close by.”

“I know, but that’s just the way life is.”


A few minutes ago, Wesley asked me if his piece of turkey looked like a ghost (?) and I agreed that it did.

He took it over to show it to her, and said, “Look! Doesn’t this look like a ghost?”

She said, “Not really–it just looks like turkey.”

He said, “Mama said I was right and it does look like a ghost!”

She said, “Well, you know, sometimes people have different opinions about things. Especially things that are not facts.”


Things that are not facts–I love it.



Wesley asked, “Why do we call her MaryBear?”

In answer, I produce the following exhibit:

he needs the truth.

Conversation between Mary and Wesley this evening…

Wesley: Did you know sometimes people say there’s a bunny about Easter?

Mary: The Easter Bunny?

Wesley: Yeah!

Mary: Yes. But he is pretend.

Wesley: I know. I KNOW! But he is still for Easter.

Mary: Yes, he is.

Wesley: He is not real though. Easter baskets are from Mama and Daddy.

Mary: Yes, like the quarter from the tooth fairy.*

Wesley: The tooth fairy is only for you, though.

Mary: Uh-uh! Everyone gets the tooth fairy. Except that’s really Mama and Daddy too. It’s pretend.

Wesley: Why would the tooth fairy come to me? I have all my teeth.

Mary: Someday they’ll fall out.

Wesley: [gasps, covers mouth]

Mary: But then they’ll grow back.

Wesley: WHAT!?! You have GOT to be kidding me.

Mary: I knew you’d want to know the truth.

* Yes, a quarter. I’m a cheap bastard–what can I say?

Bonus–a buddy pic from this weekend:

fake spring

It’s been ridiculously warm and (often) sunny here, considering that it’s still early March. The kids are loving it.

Mary’s getting some definite tricycle skills.

Wesley’s been checking out the plants.

These flowers have been hornswoggled. (Mary took this picture.)

Here, Wesley shows his close relationship to aunt Melissa and aunt Cherie:


Why is his face always so dirty?


And one bonus pic of Mary snuggling with Conor:

critical reading

Mary is turning into such a good reader. I mean, such a thoughtful reader.

Tonight, we were reading “Horton Hatches the Egg.” For those of you not familiar with this pachyderm classic, Horton the elephant agrees to sit on a bird’s egg to give her a break. She flies off and doesn’t come back, and he sits on the egg for almost a year. He’s eventually captured by hunters and sold to a circus–but he won’t stop sitting on the egg, because he promised to care for it. People come in and pay $.10 to see the elephant sitting in a tree.

One night at the circus, the mother bird flies in, just as the egg begins to hatch. She tries to reclaim the egg, but then it hatches, and it turns out to be an elephant bird, so clearly it belongs to Horton.

On the last page, Horton and the elephant-bird baby “go home happy, one hundred percent.”

Mary liked this story, but she asked, “Why did the circus people send them home?”

I had to admit that I didn’t know. She said, “Because I bet people would ALSO pay ten cents to see an elephant bird, and if they were really nice people at the circus, they wouldn’t have captured Horton in the first place.” I agreed. She said, “I wish Dr. Seuss had told us WHY they sent Horton home. And how they know where he lives [since in the story he is captured by hunters and sold to the circus]. Dr. Seuss must know why, since he’s telling the story, but he didn’t put it in!”

I agree–this story is a little short on the character motivation front–and I’m so proud of how curious she is.

chicken and dumplings

I made chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight. You know, from scratch, all very delicious.

Mary, however, initially wasn’t impressed.

Mary: [poking a dumpling] What IS it?

Me: It’s a dumpling!

Mary: No, it isn’t.

Me: It is. Seriously.

Mary: Dumplings have things in the middle!

Me: Not always.

Mary: They do! They have–like–meat. And green onions. And there’s a sauce to dip them in and they’re all noodly outside.

Me: That’s one kind of dumpling. This is another kind.

Mary: [tasting it] Well, I don’t get it. This is just…the outside part. Lots and lots of the outside part.

Me: Well, you tasted it; you don’t have to eat anymore now.

Mary: Actually, can I have a lot of them? [holds out plate]


Wesley: I played enough Star Wars–I’m going inside now.

Mary: What! We’re not done!

Wesley: I’m cold.

Mary: Fine. You go ahead. I’ll just stay here and support the Rebels ALL BY MYSELF.

Wesley: Okay. I think I will drink some milk while you support the Rebels. [goes inside]