sometimes I wish we had a dog

to eat the goldfish crackers that Mary strews in her wake. Seriously, I know she eats some, but you wouldn’t know it to look around. Mostly she drops them, then jumps on them. Or steps on them. Or picks them up three days later and says, “More?” while looking at me like I’ve been depriving her of crackers, when really she had fresh ones that morning.

I am trying to work on my dissertation today but she doesn’t want to nap. Instead she wants me to play. So I type a sentence, then I wind up her airplane toy and put it down for her to chase. She brings it back and stands there waiting while I type another sentence, then I wind it up and put it down. Et cetera. It’s not really that productive, in case you’re wondering.


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  1. Posted by Anonymous on April 13, 2008 at 6:11 pm

    Seriously, dogs are great for cleaning up “food drops” and taking care of leftovers that are too small to justify cleaning a container later on. Feeding scraps to the dogs can help alleviate any guilt you might have about wasting food.

    However, one of my dogs now prefers things like jamon serrano, Manchego cheese, and large green olives stuffed with garlic rather than things like goldfish crackers. So choose your pet carefully. –SKM


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