Wesley is so big.

When we visited Michigan, less than a month ago, Wesley only said a few words–“mama,” “dada” [kind of], “Mary” [“May-ee”],”bottle,” and “go.” Sometimes “no.” Which means both “no” and “yes.”


His vocabulary, in the last couple of weeks, has just exploded. Things he has said include: “string cheese” [one of his favorite phrases], “ready get up,” “pick up,” “snuggle,” “give me,” “these,” “book,” “go bed,” “water,” “drink,” “some,” and “monkey.” Oh, and “thank you,” which he said when I gave him a piece of string cheese.  He’s also started helping me unload the silverware from the dishwasher; he takes out the forks and spoons and whatnot one at a time and hands them to me, and then he grins when I say “Thank you!” He is fearless riding the little  dolphin-on-a-spring toy at the playground and is really good at balancing on it. I just can’t get over how much he’s changed in the last month–walking, talking. 


Mary is impressed by it, too. She said, “Wesley learning to talk?” I agreed that he was, and she said, “That’s so cute!”


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