progress report

Conor went to conferences today for both kids–both of them are enjoying school.

Both teachers reported that they are very hard workers and respectful to others, which I was delighted to hear.

Mary’s doing well in all of her subjects, especially reading; she’s working on taking criticism a bit more constructively, but I’m sure she’ll get there, since she does a good job of that at dance class. She is reading Treasure Island (abridged, I assume?) and is always nice, respectful, and patient with her classmates.

Wesley is learning very quickly about things like coloring and math. He knows all of his letters and sounds. I think his biggest learning curve has been social, and his teachers said that he was very quiet and withdrawn at first, but now he plays with the other kids and has lots of friends, so that’s good. They also remarked that he has excellent speech and that they enjoy being able to have real conversations with him, which I suspect is also something that he has improved over the semester, since he was shy with them at first.

So, overall, school’s going great and they both like their teachers very much!


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