chicken and dumplings

I made chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight. You know, from scratch, all very delicious.

Mary, however, initially wasn’t impressed.

Mary: [poking a dumpling] What IS it?

Me: It’s a dumpling!

Mary: No, it isn’t.

Me: It is. Seriously.

Mary: Dumplings have things in the middle!

Me: Not always.

Mary: They do! They have–like–meat. And green onions. And there’s a sauce to dip them in and they’re all noodly outside.

Me: That’s one kind of dumpling. This is another kind.

Mary: [tasting it] Well, I don’t get it. This is just…the outside part. Lots and lots of the outside part.

Me: Well, you tasted it; you don’t have to eat anymore now.

Mary: Actually, can I have a lot of them? [holds out plate]


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