car conversation

On the way to dance class, Mary picked up her lunch box and started snapping it open and closed toward Wesley, like a mouth. It swiftly degenerated into this…

Mary: Chomp!
Wesley [who was wearing bulldozer pajamas]: Eat my digger pants!
Mary: Chomp, chomp! Mmmm. Delicious!
Wesley: Have some brocky! [I thought this was a mispronunciation of “broccoli” but actually it was a made-up word.]
Mary: I don’t like brocky, I like people! Let me eat you! Chomp, chomp.
Wesley: Okay, but just a little. [Holds out foot.]
Mary: Okay, I had a little and I’m done.
Wesley: I’ll put the rest of me in the refrigerator for later.

Me: You know it’s not safe to go in the refrigerator, right?
Wesley: We’re just joking! I wouldn’t really let a monster eat my digger pants.


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